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Nowadays, the channel cost of the furniture industry is rising day by day, the pressure on enterprises to survive is increasing sharply, and in addition to the change of people's consumption concept - the gradual rise of convenient online shopping, the advantages of new e-commerce channels are obvious

nowadays, the channel cost of the furniture industry is rising day by day, the survival pressure of enterprises is increasing sharply, coupled with the change of people's consumption concept - the gradual rise of convenient online shopping, and the advantages of new e-commerce channels are obvious. At present, the development of China's wardrobe industry is symbiotic with o2o mode, but online sales is not mature, and many enterprises are still in the period of trial operation. Wardrobe enterprises cannot blindly follow the e-commerce boom! Dewell, the overall wardrobe brand in 2018

the opportunity of e-commerce mode of wardrobe enterprises

as the traditional mainstream channel of the wardrobe industry, home shopping malls are an inevitable link in the wardrobe industry chain, especially chain stores with high store coverage, which control the important voice of the terminal channel of the wardrobe industry. However, due to the disadvantages of highly dispersed wardrobe industry, disordered brands, low degree of product standardization and significant later service ratio, it is difficult for consumers to obtain complete and comprehensive information. Therefore, the built network platform can effectively avoid the disadvantages of the tradition, so that consumers can experience the quality of products and services of physical stores while enjoying convenient shopping, and finally achieve a win-win situation among dealers, enterprises and consumers

the impact of logistics system on e-commerce

logistics has always been a constraint on the development of wardrobe e-commerce, which is related to whether products can be delivered and installed in time, and affects the reputation of enterprises. Good logistics should be able to meet the development trend and scale of wardrobe enterprises facing the whole country with lower cost, better quality and more professional management. At present, wardrobe e-commerce enterprises have basically not formed their own logistics system. Through cooperation with third-party logistics companies, they basically do not implement the responsibility system. Wardrobe products are large items and are easy to be damaged in the process of transportation. These are all problems that enterprises need to solve urgently

after sales guarantee restricts the development of e-commerce

the early sales of e-commerce are in full swing, but the follow-up service has not been awesome. The delivery, installation and damage of products are difficult to guarantee, and there are many obstacles in the after-sales communication between buyers and sellers. These are the problems that enterprises must face together on the road of e-commerce. Only by improving the after-sales service system can enterprises go further

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