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When negotiating a decoration project with customers, without signing the contract and collecting the deposit, only a copy of the customer's ID card is left as "mortgage". When the project was completed, the customer suddenly "evaporated", and 129000 yuan of decoration and materials had nowhere to ask for more than a year. Yesterday, Mr. Lu, the boss of a decoration business department in Dongxihu District, told the story and repeatedly claimed to have been cheated

Mr. Lu opened a decoration business department in Wujiashan rudder Luokou market. In September 2010, a Beijinger named Liang Tianliang came to discuss the decoration. He claimed to be the manager of Beijing Qingshang Hetu Decoration Design Co., Ltd. and contracted the decoration project of a foot therapy shop on Sanyang Road, Hankou. He had to subcontract the decoration and materials of the wall works to Mr. Lu. As the expenses were settled after the decoration project of the foot therapy shop was completed, Therefore, for the project and building materials subcontracted by Mr. Lu, he can only write an IOU first and pay Mr. Lu after the decoration and settlement of the foot therapy shop. The owner of this pedicure shop met Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu agreed to the request of "manager Liang" on the spot, asking him to pay an arrearage of 129000 yuan for decoration and materials, leaving only a copy of the ID card of "manager Liang"

at the beginning of last year, the decoration project subcontracted by Mr. Lu was completed, but there was no one to find "manager Liang". The person who answered his mobile phone was another person, saying that he didn't know "manager Liang" at all. He went to the owner of the pedicure shop to ask for money. The other party said, "why? Have I signed a contract with you?" Reflected in the industry and commerce, labor departments are fruitless. Mr. Lu entrusted a lawyer to sue in the local court. The court found that Liang Tianliang was indeed the person, but the defendant Liang Tianliang was registered in registered residence, so he asked Mr. Lu to sue in the court in Beijing; The court in Beijing said that the incident took place in Wuhan and asked Mr. Lu to return to Wuhan to sue

At the end of May, Mr. Lu found Beijing Qingshang Hetu Decoration Design Co., Ltd., which said that there was no "manager Liang" and that he had never sent anyone to Wuhan to do business





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