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There is no need to wait for the effect picture for decoration any more. It can be done in osheno ceramic store in 10 minutes at the fastest! In order to let decoration users all over the country experience osheno 3D cloud design as soon as possible, and provide quick help for their decoration

there is no need to wait for the renderings for decoration any more. It can be done in osheno ceramic store as soon as 10 minutes! In order to let decoration users all over the country experience osheno 3D cloud design as soon as possible and provide quick help for their decoration, following the victory of the first battle in Chengdu in May, on July 3, the ten privilege experience month of "10 minutes to give you an ideal home" members ended perfectly in 10 cities across the country. The cash received from new orders exceeded 26million yuan, the total single value exceeded 32million yuan, and the total cash received completion rate was 122.9%, including Guangzhou, Tangshan, Xi'an The collection completion rate of Hefei, Kunming and Changde exceeded 110%

quick drawing, time saving and good effect are the biggest highlights of this activity

in the past, it usually took 2-3 days to plot. If it also involved repeated modifications, it often took half a month, and the customer was helpless

this history is rewritten. Now, the members of osheno in these 10 cities are the first to experience the fastest 10 minute drawing and can make changes at will. Their satisfaction with the space scheme has increased sharply, and their decoration progress will therefore be accelerated

in addition, they also enjoy the top ten privileges of members, as well as free room measurement, design, customization and so on

according to statistics, nearly 5000 people were attracted to participate in the experience during the event

in the case of economic depression and industry depression, the 10 cities of osheno ceramics have bucked the market and achieved new highs, which is inseparable from the cheetah spirit of all osheno people, which is "fast, accurate and ruthless"

Tangshan, the star team of this time, ranks first in the number of orders, total orders, collection completion rate, number of registered members and number of Raffles, and the collection completion rate is as high as 178.11%. For them, completing the minimum guarantee task has never been the goal. After winning the first stage easily, it quickly ignited the upsurge of signing enthusiasm across the country

in Xi'an, cash receipts topped 4.5 million. Store guides are usually sorting out customer information at 11 p.m. and designers often go directly to customers' homes with plans

in Wuhan, the rainstorm has become a sea, but it still can't stop the confidence of signing the bill. The staff of the store really went to the customer's home to sign the bill and talk about the plan, rain or shine. They always told the customer that even if I swam past, I would be there on time

there are many similar cases

it is the spirit of Oushennuo people who are not afraid of difficulties and rise against the trend that leads to the adverse market phenomenon of overwhelming momentum, large orders and frequent reports of good news, which can create such a sales miracle

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