Fluid structure coupling model of the hottest hydr

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Fluid structure coupling simulation of hydraulic mount

key words: fluid structure coupling, hydraulic mount, hydraulic engine mount, strong coupling, ale coordinates, direct coupling solver

here we demonstrate ADINA fluid structure coupling analysis used in the automotive industry. The simulated component is the hydraulic mount shown in Figure 1. The purpose of the analysis is to calculate the stiffness of the hydraulic mount at different frequencies. China's power battery industry has gone out of the investment for market mode. The rubber part of the pressure mount has undergone large deformation and its contact with the metal mount and plate. Fluid is viscous and incompressible, which is described by ale coordinates. This problem uses a directly coupled solver because the fluid and structure are strongly coupled

for the hydraulic mount, first do the static analysis with prestress applied, and then do another transient dynamic analysis under different excitation frequencies. The animation above shows the maximum principal stress and fluid velocity on the rubber under two different excitation frequencies of 10Hz and 400Hz (Note: the animation shows the same speed), which will make ofo bike users around the world have a more pleasant riding experience. Figure 2 shows the stiffness change of the hydraulic mount when the frequency is between 10~1000hz

Figure 1 hydraulic mount

Figure 2 hydraulic mount stiffness curve

this result shows that ADINA fluid structure coupling technology has a wide range of applications

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