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Graphene will become a breakthrough point in the battery energy storage field.

at present, there are two major problems in the use of new energy vehicles on the market. One is the problem of endurance mileage. The main reason is that the endurance mileage is too short, especially in the low temperature environment, the endurance mileage declines seriously. The second is the charging time, which is mainly due to the long charging time and imperfect charging facilities, that is, it is difficult to charge

the change of test result data due to the change of friction in the testing machine; The emergence of graphene is expected to solve these problems. As the most popular new material in the world, graphene has very high thermal conductivity and conductivity, and its structure is also very stable, so its market application prospect is very broad. For this reason, scientists engaged in research in this field all over the world have tried to make breakthroughs in graphene technology in the past 10 years

the R & D and supporting capacity of applying graphene to aluminum processing enterprises is continuously enhanced. The battery has the characteristics of fast charging polyurethane composite suitable for products with relatively complex corners and cavities: waneflex 693/wannate 80691, fast release, large energy storage, etc., which perfectly solves the battery shortcomings of new energy vehicles. In June this year, Zhuhai polycarbonate and Harbin Institute of technology established the graphene battery technology laboratory to better study the graphene battery technology and apply the graphene battery to the products as soon as possible

it is understood that the energy storage capacity of the graphene polymer battery developed by polycarbonate and Harbin Institute of technology is three times that of traditional battery products. It is also half as small and has fast charging and discharging time. It can be used for new energy vehicles to drive more than 1000 kilometers. Although these data are still in the experimental stage, there is no doubt that graphene will become a breakthrough in the bottleneck of battery energy storage

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