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Pinghu osmotic curing agent floor effect

Pinghu osmotic curing agent floor effect

August 28, 2018

why should different ground be treated with different curing agents? The working principle of concrete curing agent is chemical reaction with the structural components of concrete floor, but the trace components of different concrete are different, which is why the general curing agent is usually used for a period of time to remove ash

gold casting curing agent: its principle of action is that the product reacts with concrete components through penetration, and the generated chemical reactants fill the concrete pores, block them from the inside, and transform them into a solid and sealed whole, so as to achieve: hardening and wear-resisting, sealing and anti-seepage, dust-proof and clean, lasting luster, simple maintenance, safety and environmental protection. Due to the friction of forklift, the ground will not become rough, On the contrary, the more you use it, the more beautiful it will be, presenting a silky luster

gold casting curing floor: it will not form a cover on the concrete surface. It goes deep into the concrete and solves problems from the inside out. It is a 20-year quality assurance! Once used, it will be used for life. Make the general concrete floor have the same effect as marble; It is highly wear-resistant, pressure resistant, impact resistant, water and oil resistant, and solves the problems of falling off, peeling and repeated waxing of the epoxy floor. The more you use it, the better the gloss. It penetrates into the concrete and reacts with the alkaline substances in it to form colloids and fill the holes and gaps. At the same time, the colloid will emulsify water, acid, alkali, oil, juice, sewage, algae and other foreign substances and discharge them to the concrete surface for washing. While filling the holes and gaps, the colloid begins to harden and reaches the maximum hardness within 90 days. High permeability. Through infiltration, the concrete (1) is permanently sealed from the inside out during heating, melting and mixing. Other products can only temporarily seal the concrete from the concrete surface

it is impossible to judge whether there is a "hand slippery feeling". To be honest, the vast majority of alkali solutions corrode people's skin and produce a feeling of hand slippery, such as waxing water, soapy water and alkali concrete sealing and curing agents, but the acid concrete sealing and curing agents on the market do not have this feeling. The hand slip is only the same characteristic of the alkali solution, and it is not necessary to judge the quality of the concrete sealing curing agent

curing: the sealing curing agent of gold casting concrete can penetrate into the concrete surface to form an anti-seepage seal that can reduce the water loss of the surface, so as to ensure full and uniform curing. 8. Anti weathering brings confidence to extruder Enterprises: UV and water spray have no adverse effects on the treated samples. It can effectively prevent the passage of chloride ions. The test shows that the treated ground can not bear the impact due to exposure to electromagnetic or water mist. 9. Corrosion resistance: the ground treated by permeable sealing and hardening materials to obtain various parameters of each point will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of concrete10. 7 gloss (but not slippery): after the initial production of tye ⑴ 00, tye ⑶ 00 and tye ⑸ 00 by Jinzhu concrete plant, that is, the concrete floor treated with hydraulic loading, pendulum force measurement and semi open structural soil sealing curing agent will show marble gloss. The longer it is used, the better the gloss. However, it does not slip. For the basic concrete floor, the salt and alkali components will be separated from the surface, resulting in slipping. However, the gold casting ground is different. It forms a solid, dense and non dead corner on the concrete surface, and the salt and alkali components are not enough to separate from the surface. Label: cement floor hardener and its application

the finished surface is more conducive to painting. At present, it has become one of the most representative manufacturers in East China. Adhering to the business purpose of "reputation first". Waterproof materials, we join hands to create a better future. For the use of binders and flooring materials, Jinzhu company has established constant and stable cooperative relations with many agents. Combination and compatibility with any kind of coating materials. 6. save a lot of repair and maintenance costs. Do not wax. We will be brave in innovation and strive to create better products for a long time. We only need clean water to mop the floor

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