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Flukenorma high-precision power analyzer

flukenorma series power analyzer with compact structure provides the latest testing requirements for peeling and tearing of insulator materials. The following: measurement technology helps engineers engaged in the development and testing of motors, inverters, lighting, power supply | regulators, transformers and automotive parts, so as to improve their product productivity

flukenorma series includes flukenorma4000 three-phase power analyzer and flukenorma5000 six phase power analyzer. These rugged and high-precision analyzers have unparalleled cost performance. They are very convenient and reliable for field use or as desktop instruments in laboratories or test benches

flukenorma4000 is very suitable for field testing and provides a convenient and intuitive operation mode with unparalleled cost performance. Its features include: 1 ~ 3 power modules, 5.7 inch/144 mm color display screen | display device, harmonic analysis, FFT analysis, oscilloscope mode, vector diagram, recorder function, flukenormaviewpc software, and 4mbram data memory

flukenorma5000f six phase power analyzer provides the highest bandwidth among similar products in the market and is the best testing and analysis hardware tool for the development of frequency converter and lighting equipment. Its features include: 3 ~ 6 power modules, optional built-in printer, and all features and functions of flukenorma4000 power analyzer described above

flukenorma series main features:

user selectable average time 15ms ~ 36mhh (5) wood based panel scratch tester as a kind of precision test equipment 00s, suitable for dynamic measurement

simple user interface ensures simple and intuitive operation

standard configuration allows users to accurately specify corresponding functions suitable for their specific applications

simultaneously collect all phases in parallel, Accurate display of dynamic events on all phases at a precise time point

all inputs are electrically isolated to avoid short circuits in various applications

up to 40 voltage, circuit and power harmonics

fft analysis, vector diagram, recorder functions, and digital oscilloscope (DSO) mode

4mb on-board memory (expandable to 128MB) for storing measured values

quickly and conveniently connected to PC – RS232 and USB as standard configuration. Optional

ieee488, Ethernet or usb2.0

pi1 process interface, which can measure torque and speed through external sensors. With 4 analog outputs, it can be easily used in motor and drive applications

341khz or 1MHz sampling rate, capable of detailed signal analysis

DC ~ 3mhz/10mhz bandwidth, reliable measurement accuracy

includes flukenormaviewpc software, which can be used to download data, analyze and write reports

flukenorma series can be applied as follows:

electric motor and inverter drive system: through detailed spectrum analysis and dynamic torque calculation, the switching loss caused by inverter can be accurately measured, and the torque transient and harmonic at high frequency can be comprehensively evaluated

inverter drive system: measure all electrical and mechanical power parameters in the same event window at the same time, so that users can observe the impact of one component on another component or its impact on the whole system. To find out the current situation of China's lithium battery industry

lighting system: the unique bandwidth up to 10MHz and the high sampling rate up to 1MHz can analyze the rectifier output signal in detail. The unique shunt technology enables power measurement at very high frequencies. The function of measuring input and output power at the same time provides the rectifier loss calculation capability

transformer: measure 6-phase power synchronously, and calculate the efficiency and loss of high-power transformer with high accuracy even under very small power factor. It can also measure the resistance of polyphase transformer coil synchronously

automobile: synchronous measurement of electrical input and mechanical output provides data on the efficiency and loss of individual parts and the entire drive system

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