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Flint's Readjustment of ink prices is related to China's factors

at present, the prices of global chemical raw materials and derivative materials applicable to the latest raw material formulas continue to rise, and the prices of ink raw materials hit a new record. The prices of all the printing ink products of Flint Group in the European market have risen

this is because China, as one of the world's largest producers of pigments, namely pigment raw materials, announced that it would resume the VAT on the export of dye materials from july1,2007, which led to an increase of more than 10% in the prices of pigments and other key pigment raw materials. Thus, the price of all ink products of the ink giant Flint Group rose

Dr Dirk aulbert, President of Flint Group in Europe, immediately explained to the customers that the price increase was a forced product price increase made by the global supply chain to stop the tension in the production and processing of commodity diameters, quantities and rotating speed ratios of mechanical equipment that exceeded the requirements of mechanical equipment and the continuous rise in raw material prices. He promised the customers to continue to provide the best quality products, and the sales representative would contact the customers in the shortest time, For more detailed price information

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