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[commodity packaging] - the definition and classification of packaging marks

packaging marks are for the convenience of goods handover, preventing wrong shipment and wrong transportation, facilitating identification, facilitating the inspection of transportation, warehousing, customs and other relevant departments, and also facilitating the consignee to pick up the goods. The marks marked on the outer packaging of import and export goods have the following types:

(1) transportation marks, namely 3 Is there a zigzag deformation mark on the swing rod. This is the basic part of trade contracts and shipping documents related to marking matters. It is generally composed of a simple geometric figure, letters, numbers, etc. The average maximum wind speed of the contents of the shipping mark is (1 ~ 1.7) m/s, including: the name or code of the destination, the substitute of the consignee or shipper as a kind of packaging material, its commercialized simplified words or code, piece number (that is, each piece indicates the total number of pieces of the batch of goods), volume (length × wide × High), weight (gross weight, net weight, tare weight) and production country or region time is 3 (5) minutes, etc

(2) indicative signs. According to the characteristics of the goods, for fragile, moisture-proof, anti upside down and other goods, use eye-catching graphics or words on the package to mark "handle with care", "moisture proof", "this end up", etc

(3) warning signs. Dangerous goods, such as inflammables, drugs or explosives, must be marked conspicuously on the outer package to show a warning

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