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Definition of stainless steel shot

stainless steel shot is also called stainless steel shot, stainless steel round steel wire cutting shot, stainless steel shot blasting and stainless steel wire cutting shot if oil leakage is found. It is mainly used for surface polishing of stainless steel parts, aluminum alloy die castings and copper alloy parts. B) Electromechanical is horsepower shot, sand blasting and shot blasting of oil pump

the production methods of stainless steel shot can be divided into two categories. At present, it is recognized that the first kind of production method is cast stainless steel shot obtained by smelting, atomization and cooling, which is called cast stainless steel shot in English. The second kind of production method is stainless steel shot obtained by cutting and rounding stainless steel wire, stainless steel shot cut by stainless steel wire, stainless steel shot blasting, and stainless steel shot blasting produced by the second kind of method, The English name is "conditioned stainless steel cut wire shot", which is literally translated as "passivated stainless steel wire shot", in which passivation means rounding the edges and corners of both ends of the cylinder; Stainless steel wire represents raw materials; Shot cutting represents cutting. For this reason, Germany and the international organization for standardization specially formulated the product standards produced by the corresponding second method: DIN, SAE AMS 2431/conditioned stainless steel cut wire shot. The standard also stipulates that the sphericity of the stainless steel shot after shot blasting passivation of the cylindrical stainless steel wire cut shot is represented by G1, G2 and G3 marks respectively. The cast stainless steel pellets obtained by melting, atomization and cooling are mainly Ervin company and Vulkan company in the United States. G1, G2 and G3 stainless steel balls are produced in large quantities by cutting and rounding stainless steel wires. As early as the 1980s, German frohn company, American pelletsllc company, German Kramer company, Romanian chircu and other companies. At home and abroad, there are about 7 enterprises using the first method (4 in China) and about 40 enterprises using the second method (35 in China, concentrated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Chongqing and other places)

note: other chemical components can be provided according to user needs. 304 Austenite type: carbon (c) <0.25%, chromium (CR) =16 ~ 18%, nickel (Ni) =6 ~ 10%, silicon (SI) <1%, manganese (MN) <2%, 430 ferrite type: carbon (c) <0.25%, chromium is the same as other instruments (CR) =16 ~ 18%, silicon (SI) <1%, Manganese (MN) < 1% specification: (0.1--3.0) shape: (spherical, cylindrical) hardness: (240--④ import replacement trend 600hv) material: (austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel) specific gravity: (7.8g/cm3) stainless steel shot customs HS code is as follows: 1 Spherical: 2 Cylindrical: (end)

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