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Definition of processing and manufacturing

definition of processing and manufacturing

From the perspective of the development history of manufacturing industry, there are mainly two types of manufacturing industry: one is processing manufacturing industry, and the other is equipment manufacturing industry. Mass production, standardization and production line are the most important characteristics of processing and manufacturing industry. In the process of industrialization, the most basic way of competition in processing and manufacturing industry is cost price competition. The technology has reached a certain level and the quality has reached a certain standard. If there is no difference between products, the final result of price competition is no profit. In some developed coastal areas, such as Shanghai and Guangdong, after some processing and manufacturing enterprises have developed to a certain level, they find that although they occupy a larger and larger market, their profits are getting thinner and thinner, and even at the critical point of profit and loss. Developed countries have also experienced such a process, and then enter the process of differentiated competition. The competition among enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry is mainly not the competition of cost price, but the competition of performance, quality, marketing, brand and other aspects. Only these can truly bring profits to enterprises. China has now reached this stage of industrialization. Some enterprises have found that the development space of processing and manufacturing industry is getting smaller and smaller, and hope to upgrade to equipment manufacturing industry. The issue of industrial upgrading raised in the report of the 16th CPC National Congress actually involves the development of the manufacturing industry itself. At present, the manufacturing industry is in the development process of gradually changing from processing manufacturing to assembly but general manufacturer equipment manufacturing. In the next stage, the reason why Chinese industry should give people a bad impression is mainly due to the development of equipment manufacturing industry due to some problems in publicity and recycling. Otherwise, the actual economic benefits and social welfare of China's industrial development belt from imitation to independent renovation will be greatly limited

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