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Definition and structure composition of full hydraulic truck crane

classification mode of full hydraulic truck crane

the whole machine of full hydraulic truck crane is composed of chassis, turntable, boom, etc. The turntable can be 360. Continuous rotation, equipped with ball bearing, driven by axial piston motor. During the operation of the turntable, the outrigger shall be placed first to ensure stability and avoid the load on the tire and frame suspension spring. The outrigger is a box type structure, and the hydraulic pressure is also very clear, which is to operate the lifting and lowering, and is equipped with a hydraulic lock. Application of automobile electronic tensile testing machine in metal, steel and aluminum foil materials the working devices of the crane include boom, luffing system, lifting system and telescopic system. When the working range (working radius of boom) is 3000mm, the maximum lifting capacity is 8t. The jib is composed of two arms with box section. The lowest section is the basic section. The lower end of the basic section is hinged on the turntable, and its inclination is changed by the luffing hydraulic cylinder. The boom is a two section telescopic type, with a top boom superimposed in the basic section. The telescopic hydraulic cylinder installed in the boom is used to extend the boom, so that the lifting height or working range changes. Some medium and large-scale personalized manufacturing to achieve low cost is possible. The boom of tonnage truck crane is composed of three or four sections, and the boom of tonnage truck crane can be as many as 10 sections). The telescopic of the boom is controlled by the telescopic hydraulic cylinder and the sequence valve, which is easy to operate and reliable. The hoisting system is driven by a low-speed high torque axial piston motor, and drives the steel wire rope and hook through a double speed straight cylindrical gear reducer and a parallel groove drum. The lower body adopts Dongfeng EQ140 truck chassis

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