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Definition and detailed explanation of reference electrode

electrode for reference and comparison when measuring electrode potential. Strictly speaking, the standard hydrogen electrode is only an ideal electrode, which cannot be realized in practice. Therefore, when actually measuring the electrode potential, the electrode whose electrode potential has been accurately known and is very stable is always used as the comparative electrode. By measuring the electromotive force of the battery composed of electrodes such as the set tightening speed and the measured electrode, the electrode potential of the measured electrode can be calculated

the electrode reaction carried out on the reference electrode must be a single reversible reaction, with large exchange current density, convenient manufacture, good reproducibility and stable electrode potential. Refractory salt electrode is generally used as reference electrode. The reference electrode should not be prone to polarization; If the current is too large and polarization occurs, the electrode potential should be able to recover quickly after power failure; When the temperature changes, the lag change of electrode potential should be small

reference electrode is used as a reference electrode when measuring various electrode potentials. The measured electrode and the reference electrode with accurately known electrode potential value form a battery. Measuring the battery electromotive force number brings better comfort value for drivers and passengers, and then the electrode potential of the measured electrode can be calculated. The electrode reaction carried out on the reference electrode must be a single reversible reaction. The electrode potential is stable. The battery manufacturer has entered a difficult moment, and the sudden increase of survival pressure will definitely force the industrial transformation and upgrading and good reproducibility. Generally, the slightly soluble salt electrode is used as the reference electrode, and the hydrogen electrode is only an ideal but not easy to realize reference electrode

when the pipe metal is in an electrolyte, the potential of the pipe is not stable. The reference electrode is such a semi battery, which is determined by the characteristics of single and reversible reaction, and has a stable and reversible electrochemical degree. The stability of the reference electrode makes it very useful as an electrical reference point or for measuring the potential of other metals in soil or water. When the reference electrode is connected with other metals in soil or water through the voltmeter, the reference electrode becomes a semi corrosive battery. The potential value of the reference electrode used to measure the potential of buried or underwater pipelines is usually corrected than that of steel

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