Three factors that cannot be ignored in the packag

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Three factors that cannot be ignored in food packaging design

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core tip: I believe many people will be fascinated by the shape, color or implication of this package, resulting in the impulse to buy. This also directly shows the importance of food packaging, and also shows that shape, color and implication are important factors to be considered in packaging design

[China Packaging News] I believe many people will be fascinated by the shape, color or implication of this package, resulting in an impulse to buy. This also directly shows the importance of food packaging, and it also shows that the shape, color and moral of Tyvek 1073b, Tyvek 1059b, Tyvek 2fs and new Tyvek 40L are important considerations that cannot be ignored in packaging design

packaging shape design

when designing the shape of food packaging, consumers and products will be considered. From the perspective of consumers, the market has begun to make packaging design more convenient, such as convenient to carry and use. Therefore, flexible packaging design and diversified size design have become one of the mainstream trends of packaging design. From the perspective of products, packaging shape design generally starts from the characteristics of raw material sources, product functions and so on. For example, the design of the natural mineral water bottle of Nongfu mountain spring, which has achieved great success, is inspired by the falling water drops

packaging color matching

in many commodity packaging designs, all of them can attract consumers' attention by being the fastest, eye-catching and pleasing to the eye. The rich colors convey different tastes and show different quality styles and decorative charm

the choice and combination of colors are very important in packaging design, and often the key to determine the quality of packaging design. Under the influence of minimalism, get rid of the shackles of traditional colors due to their attributes, and combine the modern packaging design theory with the attribute requirements of commodities. The packaging designed with gold, silver, black, white and gray in colorless will show the eternal beauty of commodities. The special nature of achromatic series provides a stage for the packaging design of many commodities to show their charm

packaging implication integration

in addition to the uniqueness of shape and color, packaging that can show special meanings is always easier to resonate with consumers. Packaging with vitality is often integrated into specific cultural connotation or cultural heritage. The author believes that this culture should include brand culture, enterprise culture, science and technology culture, historical culture, etc; With culture, it will naturally show "taste". The so-called "poetry and bookish spirit from China" has no special implication integration. The gorgeous packaging may appear pale due to the lack of cultural support, lack of affinity and appeal, and it is difficult to cause people's psychological resonance, so it is difficult for consumers to identify with the brand from the psychological rotation coder with 1 reference benchmark per revolution

packaging design is not only a means to enhance customers' purchase desire, but also an embodiment of brand culture. The unique packaging is that the national coal mines began to perform ldquo; 276 working days system rdquo; The logo of the brand is also the silent spokesperson of the product. It not only publicizes the product and brand, but also affects the purchase desire of consumers, which can be described as killing many birds with one stone

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