Hottest Thailand plans to add 80 rubber processing

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In 2016, Thailand plans to add 80 rubber processing plants

according to the news on January 26, the factory Department of the Ministry of industry of Thailand said after investigating Foton Di stone tires that the domestic demand for rubber will increase this year. It is reported that nearly 80 new factories have been added

in order to solve the domestic rubber problem as soon as possible, the director of the industrial factory Department led the working group and the media to conduct field research at the deshitong tire company in Foton. After the investigation, he can also create a historical planting and commercialization greenhouse for food heroes. According to the current speed of new tire processing plants in China, it is expected that the domestic rubber demand this year will increase compared with previous years

it is reported that 80 rubber deep processing plants will be added this year. If the factory construction can be carried out as planned, the rubber price and production capacity are expected to increase by another 870000 tons/year

at present, there are 2246 rubber deep-processing plants registered in the Department, with an annual rubber demand of about 4.3 million tons

among the 80 new factories to be built or under construction, there are 2 tire processing factories and 9 rubber glove factories. More than 60 other companies mainly use rubber as raw material for primary processing, mainly producing rubber blocks. According to this estimate, rubber demand will increase by 14%

Wan Chai, deputy managing director of deshitong tire, said that the company has added several production lines this year, and the production capacity is expected to increase to 10million. The use of rubber will increase by another 10000 tons to 10000 tons per year. The rubber demand target set by the company next year is 90000 tons

in conclusion, the Department of industrial factories believes that the addition of 80 rubber processing plants for digital printing inks and inks will increase domestic rubber demand

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