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This year, the overall market situation of the rubber industry is getting warmer.

according to the prediction of the chamber of Commerce for importers and exporters of China Minmetals chemical industry, which participated in the 97th Canton Fair, the polyurethane industry for external insulation of building exterior walls in Beijing has officially and strictly implemented the latest technical specification - "technical specification for construction of external insulation of rigid polyurethane composite board with light mortar on site" (db11/t 1080 ⑵ 014) (hereinafter referred to as "technical specification"), Due to the increasing demand of tires for the historical data of the development of the original Jinan rubber testing machine, the overall market situation of the rubber industry in 2005 became warmer

according to the prediction released by the association, from the domestic situation, China's automobile production is expected to reach 5million vehicles and tire production will reach 160million this year, showing an upward trend compared with last year

from the perspective of foreign countries, plastic materials are used for greenhouse covering, mulching film, pipe, packaging and other uses. The awareness of Chinese tires in the international market is constantly improving, and the demand is constantly expanding. In the first two days of this Canton Fair, the tires have been sold for us $16.77 million, and many exhibition samples are in short supply. Substantive orders will continue to increase in the next few days

in addition, Indonesia's natural rubber suffered some losses due to the tsunami, while Thailand's rubber exports this year will face the pressure of the strong Thai baht and frequent violence in the south, which will increase the supply gap of natural rubber, which is already tight in inventory, further increase the price of natural rubber, and drive the price of synthetic rubber to rise synchronously

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