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Chen Guansheng, an expert in precision valve body machining of Jianglu company, has been sharpening his sword for ten years. Chen Guansheng, an expert in valve body machining of the precision machining division of Jianglu Electromechanical group Co., Ltd. of China ordnance industry group, was mentioned. No one in his industry disagreed with his expertise. Everyone knows that our country encourages the development of private enterprise technology, and there is no shortage of praise for the products he processed

referring to Chen Guansheng, a valve body machining expert in the precision machining division of China ordnance industry group Jianglu Electromechanical group Co., Ltd., no one in the industry disagrees with his professional technology and praises his processed products

Chen Guansheng studied under two national labor models and skill masters, Tang Yinbo and Luo Jun, and was also a core member of the studio of Tang Yinbo and Luo Jun of Jianglu company. Under the careful training of the masters, he made a step by step, and won many honors for him with his strength of being practical, willing to work, innovative and surpassing

since 2009, Chen Guansheng has participated in the Hunan Provincial trials of the third national workers' vocational skills competition on behalf of the company, and won the first place in Hunan Province in the CNC machining center group. In the same year, he participated in the national finals of the third national workers' vocational skills competition on behalf of Hunan Province and won the 13th place. He was awarded the title of technical expert of Hunan Province by the Department of social and labor security of Hunan Province. In 2010, on behalf of the company, he participated in the selection of processing center operators held by the first business department (weapons Bureau) of NORINCO, and won the fourth place. In the same year, on behalf of the first business department of the ordnance industry group, he participated in the fourth employee vocational skills competition of the group and won the fifth place in the CNC machining center group. In the same year, he was awarded the title of technical expert of weapon industry. In 2010, it won the first place in Hunan CNC milling in the fourth national CNC skills competition Hunan Province. In the same year, he participated in the finals of the national CNC competition on behalf of Hunan Province and won the 12th place. In the same year, he was also rated as an excellent contestant of the provincial team. In 2011, he participated in the qualification training of senior assessors for operators of national vocational qualification appraisal processing center and obtained the qualification of senior assessors of processing center. In 2013, he successfully passed the training course for senior staff technical experts in the structural technology industry of Hunan numerical control technology pressure testing machine with horizontal horizontal tension, and was hired by Hunan staff technical association as the senior staff expert of Hunan numerical control technology. In 2014, Chen Guansheng and bu Weiwei won the third place in the final of the sixth skills competition of the Ordnance Group Company, the processing center operator (team competition)

as a valve body precision machining expert of Jianglu company, he has been responsible for the company's scientific research and trial production tasks and special high-precision valve body parts processing for many years. He often encounters some deformed parts with high precision requirements and complex structure, whose valve hole size tolerance is required to be IT6, cylindricity tolerance is required to be within 0.005mm, and surface roughness is required to be 0.4 μ M. Moreover, the materials of these parts are different, and special process treatment is often encountered in the processing process. In order to meet the design requirements of products and control the dimensional accuracy, a large number of experiments are often done to process products that fully meet the requirements of drawings. At the same time, data records of each link are carefully made, the causes of errors are carefully analyzed, and the best process processing scheme is found. With years of practical experience and solid foundation, after repeated comparison of multiple machining schemes, reasonable cutting parameters are determined, and rough machining, semi precision machining and precision machining are separated; By adjusting the clamping mode and pressing force; By selecting reasonable cutting tools and cooling oil ratio, the stress concentration in the processing process, the deformation influence of the workpiece and the high surface finish requirements are solved in multiple directions. Each time, he excellently completed various production tasks assigned by Jianglu company. During his long-term practice, Chen Guansheng has accumulated rich theoretical knowledge and solid operating skills, such as simplifying programming by using macro programs, making programming of deep grooves with complex programming, contour and chamfer processed many times simple and reliable. A series of valve bodies adopt the layered cutting high-speed feed processing method, which removes the traditional large cutting amount and small feed method, reduces the cutting force of the product, and solves the overcut and undercut of the product in the cutting process. Through his own improved various machine cutting tools, the service life is more than 50%, saving the production cost, which reaches more than 100000 yuan per year. The "about the grinding technology of sliding deep hole tooling with short guide rail and grinding wheel" written by him and others won the second prize of the company's skill innovation, and was widely promoted in the company, becoming a "one specialty and multi ability" technical talent of Jianglu company. (this article is from Jianglu company)

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