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Te connectivity releases 2017 enterprise report

on July 18, 2018, recently, Tyco Electronics (TE connectivity, hereinafter referred to as te, NYSE Code: Tel), a global leader in connectivity and sensing, released its eighth annual enterprise report, showing how te can carry out operations with strict business ethics standards while providing leading connectivity and sensing solutions. The report also shows how te can integrate knowledge with practice and strive to create a safer, sustainable, efficient and interconnected future

Terrence Curtin, CEO of te connectivity, said that sustainable development is crucial for te. We always regard negative and sustainable corporate behavior as fundamental, aiming to become the preferred partner of customers, bring rich returns to shareholders, and cultivate a highly dedicated staff team. We are very happy to share our eighth annual enterprise report with all sectors of the society, hoping to continue to show that enterprises like te can achieve business achievements while bringing positive impact to the society

this year's enterprise report explains how te can fulfill its mission from three aspects: products, employees and operations:

engineering innovation, for a safer tomorrow: from minimally invasive medical devices, autonomous vehicle to highly interconnected commercial aircraft, te continues to promote thousands of applications through its own products, creating a safer living environment for people. Te is also committed to ensuring the safety of employees. This year, 73% of the global factories of te have achieved the goal of no more than one recordable injury/illness. Since 2010, the number of recordable injuries/diseases of te has decreased by 63%. In addition, te also conducted internal privacy compliance processes to ensure the data security of employees and customers and comply with relevant privacy regulations around the world

support sustainable innovation: while adhering to its own sustainable operation, te actively helps customers reduce the impact of its production and operation on the environment. For example, te helped develop diesel engines with low emissions and clean energy solutions that help thousands of families. In te's own operation, since 2010, the overall energy use intensity of the enterprise has decreased by 22%, and the greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 31%. This year, te implemented a new product compliance dashboard to ensure that te's operations comply with global product regulations

provide solutions for an efficient future: while constantly helping customers improve productivity, te also pays attention to the improvement of its own production efficiency. Te's IOT technology makes the factory more intelligent and efficient, and helps customers efficiently manage all kinds of data in the foreseeable future. From 3D printers to UAV technology, te products help various applications and improve the productivity of industries and consumers around the world

create valuable connectivity: while connecting customers digitally, te also establishes connectivity with employees and communities. This year, te employees participated in more than 200000 hours of Vocational and compliance training, further tapping their potential. In addition, te employees volunteered 26000 hours and actively participated in charity. Te and te donated US $4.75 million to charities around the world in terms of customers, competitors, etc

to read te's 2017 enterprise report and relevant project details, please click the link:

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about te connectivity

te connectivity (abbreviated as te, NYSE Code: TEL) is a global technology and manufacturing leader, with annual sales of $13billion, committed to creating a safer, sustainable, efficient The future of interconnection. For more than 75 years, te's connectivity and sensing solutions have been verified in harsh environments, and continue to promote the development of transportation, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communication and home furnishings. Te has about 78000 employees worldwide, of which more than 7000 are engineers, and its customers cover nearly 150 countries around the world. Te believes that infinite connection is in it. For more information, please visit or follow te official TE link

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