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Why is ThinkPad X1 carbon 2021 not available on FHD screen? A detailed interpretation of

thinkpad X1 carbon 2021 is a new thin and light model recently launched. Its configuration and heat dissipation have been upgraded, but there is no FHD screen version on the market. What is the reason? Now let's interpret it in detail for the reference of friends in need

I. explanation of reasons:

1. Reasons for price: the profit of 4K version of ThinkPad X1 carbon 2021 should be higher, while the FHD screen version is relatively less

2. User experience: most users who buy ThinkPad X1 carbon 2021 actually think that the 4K image quality experience is more delicate and better, but also turn on the refrigeration switch again at an interval of 10-20 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature). The disadvantage is that it consumes a little power. In fact, the resolution is at 1200p, and the second is that the selection of accuracy level is enough

3. Turn to old users to comment on ThinkPad X1 carbon. How about the experience

II. Price quotation of ThinkPad X1 carbon 2021:

what is worth buying is the 11th generation i5 version, with 88% screens and 14.9mm screens. A new generation of aviation grade carbon fiber fuselage, with 4K screens

deposit: ¥ 100.00

pre-sale price: ¥ 9999.00 activity quotation link:

II. Th the team through the inspection, repair welding and other processes of all kinds of waste materials recovered from other removal projects inkpad X1 carbon 2021 configuration parameters:

commodity name: thinkpadx1 carbon

summary: lexuezhai it hot sales guide thinks that ThinkPad X1 was approved in 2010. Carbon 2021 generally speaking, It is a medium and high-end thin book that is worth starting with. You can choose it according to your budget and your favorite screen

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