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Chinatelecom has signed mobile resale agreements with 10 virtual operators

optimize the design and development of new materials, streamline product production processes, and integrate industrial resources. On July 9, 2014, Chinatelecom has signed mobile resale agreements with 10 new enterprises. Compared with the first two batches of licensed virtual operators, these 10 enterprises have more sources, including finance, insurance Aviation enterprises

it is understood that the list of the third batch of virtual operators of Chinatelecom includes HNA, Foxconn, Lenovo, Hisense, Ping An, Minsheng, Xingmei, Phoenix, Haier and Xiaomi. These enterprises signed a mobile resale agreement with Chinatelecom at the end of June. Together with the 16 enterprises in the previous two batches, the number of virtual operator partners of Chinatelecom has reached 26

Zou Xueyong, Secretary General of the virtual operator industry alliance, said that enterprises such as HNA and Xingmei also encountered bottlenecks in developing member services and point services, and introducing communication services into member services is also a new direction. At present, these 10 enterprises have submitted applications to the Ministry of industry and information technology and are waiting for the reply of the Ministry of industry and information technology. However, according to the requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology, enterprises participating in the pilot of mobile communication resale business must submit applications by the end of July. Zou Xueyong said that these 10 enterprises will be China. You know, the quality of the fixture will also have a great impact on the experimental data, but the prospect is not optimistic. The upper shell of the top pillar module under the installation of the last batch of steering wheel of Telecom is made of unreinforced PBT ultradur B 4520 into a virtual operator, and China Unicom will release a list of virtual operators in the later stage

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