Hottest three-phase 15kw on-board generator

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Three phase 15kw on-board generator

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three-phase 15 kW on-board generator daniazawa power has increased its research and development efforts. In, after four years, it spent hundreds of millions of dollars on research and development, and finally developed a new generation of active electromagnetic oil control valve technology. In December, 2015, this new type of machine came into the market, which is believed by some enterprises and partners who have used our products. However, because this machine is unfamiliar to the current generator industry, it is not easy to enter the generator industry, because people who have not used our machines do not appreciate our products, and our products do not press the "brake" button, and there is money to advertise, Because we are spending money on advertising, discussing technology, opening up markets, and letting customers experience the advantages of machinery and the value it can bring at an economic cost

three-phase 15 kW on-board generator diesel power generation 5. The security inspection machine must have a good grounding unit. It is a kind of technology intensive product. At present, most ship power stations, mobile power stations and various emergency power stations are composed of diesel generator sets. With the growth of national economy, the demand for diesel generator sets is increasing year by year, and the requirements for their functions and technical functions are also higher and higher. The reason why diesel generator sets are used so widely is that they have the salient advantages that other generator sets do not have

1, stable and reliable input voltage and low noise

2. Large capacity fuel tank and low fuel consumption engine can complete economic control and long-term contact power generation

modern aviation industry is developing in innovation. 3. The control panel is concentrated on one side, which is very easy to operate

primary technical specifications and parameters

generator technology parameters

more than 20 (summer) sae30 10 c~20 C (spring and Autumn) sae20 p>

-5~20 C (winter) sae10w30 -20~30 C (severe winter) sae5w this is the most widely used experimental method 20

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