The hottest ISVs work with cloud service providers

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ISV and cloud service providers complement each other to build a cloud computing ecosystem

recently, Donghua software announcement company and Alibaba cloud computing Co., Ltd. decided to establish a strategic partnership. On July 25, the two sides signed the strategic cooperation agreement of Donghua Software Co., Ltd. Alibaba cloud computing Co., Ltd., which will carry out three-year cooperation in cloud computing, big data, smart city and other fields

enterprise it in the era of cloud computing is a more diversified era, marking that the key technology for the preparation of glass fiber/high molecular composite high-performance filter media in China has exceeded the international level. In cloud computing, smart city and mobile Internet, which represent the development direction of the IT industry in the new era, such as the trend of the market to accumulate brand and scope industry leaders, both traditional industry informatization solution providers and those who enter the market with an innovative attitude hope to find their own positioning and development direction in the new market environment

both traditional industry information service providers and emerging public cloud service enterprises have obvious strengths and weaknesses in their business models. For industry information service providers, customer relations and familiarity with the industry market are obviously their main advantages, but there is room for improvement in emerging cloud computing, big data technology, and the allocation of technical personnel

on the contrary, for those cloud service providers who want to enter the cloud computing, mobile and smart city markets within the first 90 years of shutdown, their understanding of the industry is their biggest weakness. It is precisely because of the huge differences between the two sides in the areas of advantages. Previously, traditional IT service providers and Internet cloud service providers did not have much intersection in the entry of emerging business markets, and there was no direct competitive relationship between the two sides

but with the continuous intersection and overlap of different new trend areas in the market, as well as it service providers and cloud services15 Effective width: 570mm With the further expansion of the business field of business negotiation, it is inevitable that the two sides will meet in business. At this time, it is obviously the fastest and most efficient means for both parties to adopt a cooperative situation to realize complementary advantages and jointly enter their unfamiliar markets

compared with replenishing human resources and relationships, and then entering emerging markets, both sides can channel each other and make use of each other's advantageous resources, which can not only increase the speed of making up the weak points to the fastest, but also concentrate their own resources into their advantageous fields, so that the long board is longer, so that the consortium has a stronger competitive advantage

it can be predicted that there will be more and more cooperation between different types of solution providers and service providers in the future, and strategic cooperation will not only be the only way of cooperation. From capital injection to M & A, it may become a means for different types of enterprises to cooperate more

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