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The bilateral investment of Indian IT enterprises in China will reach 1billion US dollars in three years

on the afternoon of September 1, the Consul General of India in Shanghai Bai Jiawei made the above statement at the China India (Nanjing) it industry cooperation transparency is better than pvc/eva and TPO fair. His audience was about 200 people, including the leaders of four groups in Nanjing, more than 50 IT enterprises in Nanjing, representatives of districts and counties, software parks, development zones, and the Bureau of Commerce in Nanjing, and more than 10 top IT enterprises in India

Bai Jiawei expressed confidence that the export proportion of emerging countries will also be greatly increased. The global soft outsourcing market was about US $60billion in 2006 and will increase to US $100billion in 2010. "India and China have enough space to carry out effective cooperation."

Fanyong Nanjing

in 2002, Tata consulting services Shanghai (TCS) became the first Indian wholly-owned enterprise to invest in China. According to the inspection practice in recent years, Indian IT enterprises are entering the stage of comprehensive expansion in China within five years, and Nanjing, a second tier City in China, has become a focus

on the same day, led by the Indian Consul General in Shanghai Bai Jiawei, the commercial consul Gu Guangming, and the Chinese chief representative of the Indian Industrial Association, Satyam, TCS, NIIT, Infosys, went to Nanjing to find new partners and projects

"Nanjing is our preferred partner in Jiangsu because of its good investment environment", and "Jiangsu is India's largest trading partner in East China." Bai Jiawei emphasized

according to chenshaoze, deputy secretary of Nanjing municipal Party committee, in 2007, Nanjing won the title of China's service outsourcing base city and national software base export innovation base. The sales revenue of Nanjing software industry increased by 50% for five consecutive years. In 2006, the sales revenue was 25.8 billion yuan, of which exports reached 380million US dollars. Chen Shaoze said that Nanjing should strive to build a first-class software service outsourcing base

Satyam is also one of the earliest Indian IT companies to enter China. In 2003, it established its first company in China in Shanghai. In 2004, it quickly entered Dalian, Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou. In 2007, it entered the Nanjing market to set up a research and development center, and the embryonic pattern of China began to take shape

Satyam, founded in 1987, is one of the largest Indian companies in Nanjing. At present, it has provided services to 570 global enterprises, 165 of which are from the world's top 500. On February 8, 2007, Satyam signed a contract to enter Nanjing and set up the Nanjing Research Center, becoming the largest R & D center outside India. "We hope that Nanjing company is one of our fastest-growing companies," said Luo Wende, manager of Satyam Greater China. "In China, we have 500 employees, 96 experimental machine deformation measurement sensitivity sensitivity, the relative displacement rate of the measured change of the sensitivity instigator% employees are localized talents."

in addition to Satyam, TCS and other enterprises, Chen Shaoze said, "at present, many Indian enterprises are interested in investing in Nanjing, and many are negotiating to promote cooperation between the two sides in more fields."

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