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Isuzu incident brings up the topic of recall, how far is the road of car recall?

Isuzu incident brings up the topic of recall, how far is the road of car recall?

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Guide: various signs indicate that during March 15 this year, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine will fully carry out the pilot work of car recall. The "Regulations on the administration of defective automotive products (Draft)" issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China on October 24, 2002, after extensive consultation, has been revised and submitted to the relevant departments

various signs indicate that during the "March 15" period this year, AQSIQ will carry out the pilot work of automobile recall in an all-round way. The regulations on the administration of defective automotive products (Draft), published by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China on October 24, 2002, has been revised and reported to the relevant departments. The automobile recall system is expected to be fully launched within this year

with the "hot" growth of the automobile market in mainland China in the past two years, the cases within the scope of automobile recall are increasing year by year, giving unfair treatment to domestic automobile consumers

from the solicitation of opinions on the regulations on the administration of defective automotive products (Draft) at the end of 2002 to the beginning of this year's substantive pilot phase of automobile recall, this system implemented globally has experienced a long way in mainland China

- "Isuzu incident" brings up the topic of recall again

recently, the occurrence of "Isuzu incident" has caused many consumers to have some concerns about the safety of cars sold in China

last year, during a vehicle inspection by a company in Guangzhou, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau found that a screw of a "Isuzu" cxh50t chassis car was missing. This information was immediately fed back to the manufacturer's technical service department in Guangzhou. Isuzu technicians came to the site for confirmation and installed it. From then on, they began to inspect the screws and other details of the whole vehicle, and finally found the existing hidden danger: there was movement interference between the steering gear support and the end face of the steering straight rod locking ball pin

Liguolin, who participated in the quality inspection, said that at 10 a.m. on December 18 last year, he and several other inspectors came to the Huangpu Customs Commodity Inspection Bureau as usual to conduct routine inspection on the "Isuzu" located at the sand wharf of Hong's surname. When checking the steering gear of the vehicle chassis, it was found that the distance between the steering gear support of this type of vehicle chassis and the end face of the ball joint pin of the steering straight rod was too small, which immediately attracted attention. Relevant experts believe that the steering wheel has not reached the maximum steering angle. When continuing to turn, it depends on the deformation and wear of the steering system to reach the maximum steering angle, which has potential safety hazards

after investigation and verification, the number of this car in China is 155, and a considerable number of them are already in use by users. Subsequently, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau cooperated with relevant units to obtain evidence for such vehicles, and it was found that 57% of them had safety and quality problems. The Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau informed the AQSIQ of this matter

on February 25 this year, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the national certification and Accreditation Administration jointly issued an announcement that recently, Guangdong found that some Japanese Isuzu chassis cars had defects in design and potential safety hazards. In order to ensure personal and traffic safety, the import of the above two types of cars will be banned from now on. And asked Isuzu Corporation of Japan to take measures as soon as possible to eliminate the potential safety hazards of Nissan Isuzu chassis car in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations

in the afternoon of March 2, Isuzu automobile company sent people to AQSIQ for talks with relevant personnel. In accordance with international practice, Isuzu automobile company decided to replace the steering system related parts of Isuzu chassis cars in mainland China, and the new parts and replacement services required for replacement shall be provided by it free of charge. For the accidents and damages caused by the interference of the steering system confirmed by the recycled plastic department or the judicial authority through technical appraisal, it shall bear the compensation stipulated in the relevant laws of the mainland of China

however, since there are no relevant laws and regulations on recall of defective vehicles in China at present, relevant vehicles will not be recalled. Relevant people believe that this means that mainland Chinese consumers of this car cannot enjoy the manufacturer's technical improvement service, but can only enjoy an after-sales service of free replacement of defective parts within the specified period of time

- Ford in the United States was dragged into a quagmire by the automobile recall

internationally, a typical recall occurred in the United States. This active recall involving safety is of great significance in the industry because of its wide scope and high recall and compensation costs

on May 2, 2000, due to continuous complaints from Ford Explorer off-road vehicle consumers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSA) began to investigate the vulnerability of Firestone tires to burst

at the end of 2000, Ford agreed to invest US $13billion in this recovery and compensated us $3.5 billion for the two recalls of Firestone tires. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the traffic accident caused by Firestone tire failure has resulted in 174 deaths and more than 700 injuries. So far, Firestone and Ford ended their 95 year cooperative relationship, claiming that "the basic cooperative foundation between the two companies has been seriously damaged"

- many global recalls were not related to mainland China

on February 26 this year, Honda of Japan sent a letter to the State Administration of quality supervision and inspection of China. Honda has applied to the national highway and Traffic Safety Commission of the United States and the Ministry of land, resources and transportation of Japan for recall in low light markets such as civic and stream. Honda will take "quality improvement measures" on 1563 vehicles due to the same structure of vehicles sold in mainland China

on October 30 last year, Nissan recalled 2.56 million vehicles worldwide. In China, 4996 imported sunshine n16 models and 794 imported Qijun T30 models produced before June 2002 were involved, respectively 303 aerated concrete

from October 8 last year, 57724 new Accord cars produced from January 15 to September 4, 2003 will be returned to Guangzhou Honda special sales service store for free inspection and loosening prevention

- maintenance service is not a car recall

why are automobile enterprises more willing to say to consumers that it is a free maintenance service when they find problems in the design and environmental protection of cars, and repeatedly avoid car recalls? Is it just because there are no relevant laws and regulations in China

when interviewed by this newspaper, Shi Yaodong, Department of industrial economy, Economic Development Research Institute of the State Council, believed that automobile maintenance service is a form of automobile after-sales service and an extension of automobile after-sales service, while recall is based on laws and regulations, and has a systematic legal system. Strictly speaking, this regulation is a national automobile safety regulation, which involves not only the interests of consumers, but also the interests of the country

it is understood that automobile recall has different forms in different countries. In the United States, it is based on the lemon act. Its main content is: a car that is found to have major unsafe and unreliable defects during the one-year period of new car sales, and that the manufacturer, dealer or other middleman cannot repair it three or four times within a month is called "lemon car". Gu estimated that 500000 sets of artificial joints and 1.2 million vascular stents will be needed nationwide in 2015. Customers have the right to replace or refund "lemon cars" from manufacturers, dealers or other intermediaries

"in China, the biggest problem faced by car recall is to have an independent certification body." Shi Yaodong said, "the final identification institution must be an institution independent of automobile enterprises and the government, and specialized in identifying defects related to automobile safety and environmental protection. In this way, automobile recalls can be carried out orderly under the supervision of relevant government departments."

- how far is the car recall circuit?

talking about the implementation of the car recall system in China this year, Wan Jiang, the Beijing Office of Asian automobile resources, said: "Compared with countries with mature automobile market, the policy environment of the domestic automobile market in recent years has been much looser. The implementation of this system will have a great impact on the current domestic automobile enterprises, especially on some non mainstream brand automobile enterprises. Of course, it depends on the implementation rules of this management method.

he said that it takes about three to five years for a model to be developed and put into the market. One situation is Some models have hidden dangers in the process of design and R & D, while the other is that in the stage of vehicle durability and reliability, it is gradually found that there are safety and environmental protection problems in the global 3D printing market, with a market value of $2.3 billion in 2013. Both of these situations may be included in the scope of recall according to a standard

it is reported that car recall is actually a problem of high probability and low probability, which depends on different standards. For example, after a certain number of vehicle models are put into the market, it is found that this vehicle has defects in safety and environmental protection. If the vehicle with such defects is not universal through investigation, it will not be recalled. If this proportion exceeds a certain proportion or more, this vehicle will be included in the recall

insiders believe that there are many reasons for the delay and difficulty in implementing domestic automobile recalls: first, there is no testing and identification organization independent of enterprises and governments, so it is impossible to distinguish the ownership. At present, domestic vehicle testing institutions are either affiliated with automobile enterprises or managed by the government, so it is difficult to be fair and equitable on the ownership issue; Second, it is difficult to deal with the lack of legal basis. In terms of the regulations on the administration of defective automobile products (Draft), there is no strict definition of the punishment degree of automobile recall and automobile recall. Even if there is a problem, consumers cannot directly complain to the relevant departments, so as to start the investigation of the automobile product. Therefore, the strict automobile consumption policy can solve this problem. Third, there are too many departments involved, so it is difficult to coordinate. At present, in the process of vehicle consumption, many departments such as manufacturing, sales, vehicle management, industry and commerce, taxation, transportation, insurance, quality supervision and so on will be involved, and each party may be involved in the specific implementation. Therefore, it is necessary to have a "national automobile safety law" higher than each department for coordination

some experts believe that although the relevant departments will issue the "Regulations on the management of defective automotive products" within this year, the implementation of the recall system is a systematic project involving all aspects of technology and management, which can not be implemented by a certain department or regulation, but should be carried out in combination with the provisions of automobile consumption policies and other relevant departments. Therefore, it seems that the implementation of the automobile recall system still needs a long process

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