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Information technology: the development of artificial intelligence industrialization needs the service industry

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[Computer] new infrastructure construction may be accelerated. The deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission proposed to focus on the two keywords of "construction and transformation", increase investment, strengthen the construction of new infrastructure, and accelerate the pace of 5g commerce by building artificial intelligence, industry and IOT. At present, 5g commercial acceleration is unstoppable. At present, 30 5g commercial contracts have been obtained, and 25000 5g base stations are expected to be sold in the international market. The construction of new infrastructure and the acceleration of 5g commerce will benefit cloud service manufacturers in the long run

industry dynamics 1. The Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued the three-year action plan for promoting the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry but a universal experimental machine to choose the appropriate scope of power for its own products (year), focusing on the industrialization and integrated application of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, to promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing. With the gradual deepening of the application of artificial intelligence in all walks of life, the pace of entering the real economy from the algorithm and technology level is gradually accelerating. As an important measure to support the strategy of China's manufacturing power and networking power, artificial intelligence has made a few shipments in terms of industrial development last year and needs continuous service industry. (Ministry of science and Technology) 2. According to Reuters, the president signed an executive order on Monday, requiring federal agencies to invest more resources and funds in the field of artificial intelligence research, promotion and training. According to this government order called "American AI initiative", in the first case: after confirming that the installation levelness of the instrument meets the requirements of the regulations, first check whether the friction force of the working part is too large. If so, adjust the clearance of the guide wheel to eliminate the friction force, and clean the working oil cylinder if necessary. If there is still a positive difference after excluding the influence of the friction force, loosen the fastening screw of the connecting shaft sleeve between the swing rod and the push plate in the force measuring part (reading mechanism), Adjust the push plate to the inside to make it insensitive. After fixing the screws firmly, calibrate the small dial level by level and repeat several times until it is qualified. If the small dial is qualified and the large and medium discs are still out of tolerance, the weight of B thallium and C thallium should be appropriately increased until it is qualified. The U.S. government requires all government agencies to give priority to the R & D investment of artificial intelligence and increase the access of the federal government and models, So as to study how workers adapt to the era of artificial intelligence and prepare for it. (c114) 3. Recently, Chu Shijia, director of the comprehensive Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said at the 2018 business work and operation press conference held by the Ministry of commerce that 2019 is the key year to win the fight against poverty. The Ministry of Commerce will strive to make a comprehensive demonstration of e-commerce in rural areas, achieve full coverage of eligible national poverty-stricken counties, further expand the marketing channels of poverty relief areas (), and help designated poverty relief counties get rid of poverty on schedule, And make due contributions to winning the battle against poverty. ((,))

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