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"Interconnection + manufacturing", it services of manufacturing industry

from June 23 to 24, the fourth China's informatization exchange meeting on pouring mortar out of mixing bags from the nuclear energy industry was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. From June 23 to 24, the fourth China nuclear energy industry informatization exchange meeting was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Li Ying, an inspector of the Department of informatization and software services of the Ministry of industry and information technology, attended the meeting and pointed out at the meeting that information technology, as a universal technology, has a strong driving effect on other industries and social development, and is the decisive force of a new round of industrial reform. Manufacturing oriented IT services are the product of the integration of information technology development and manufacturing, an important form of interconnection + manufacturing, and the core supporting force of manufacturing + interconnection. In the future, China will vigorously promote the development of IT services for nuclear power and other industrial manufacturing industries

information technology services accelerate the integration of various fields

Li Ying pointed out that the new generation of technologies represented by cloud computing and big data are profoundly changing the connotation and extension of information technology services. With the rapid popularization of network intelligent terminals, cloud computing has gradually become a new type of intelligent infrastructure. The level of intelligence, automation and specialization of information technology services has been continuously improved. The service field has expanded from gathering in the IT department to the whole field of production and life. The service mode has changed from information system construction to providing overall solutions, carrying out platform and data operations, and the business mode has also changed from project construction to value-added services Microencapsulation development in the direction of diversification of operation services

especially in the process of integrated development of service industry and manufacturing industry, information technology service industry plays an important role as an adhesive and propellant. With the gradual promotion of major national strategies such as made in China 2025 and the Internet + action plan, the information technology service industry for manufacturing has great potential for development. Wei can pay special attention to silk fibroin, a protein found in the silk fibers of spiders and moths. It is predicted that under the background of China's economic development entering the new normal, information technology services will play an important role in promoting the deep integration and development of the Internet and the real economy, accelerating supply side structural reform, promoting economic restructuring, transforming the mode of economic development, and supporting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship

give play to the leading role of standards strategy

Li Ying pointed out that grasping standards is an important focus for transforming government functions and innovating industry management in the new era, and it is also an important means for the competent industrial departments to grasp industrial laws and service development

according to the functions and responsibilities, the information and software service department of the Ministry of industry and information technology established an information technology service standard working group in April 2009 to organize and carry out the standardization of information technology services. Over the past seven years, it has gradually become a standardized management mechanism and working system dominated by the government and dominated by enterprises. At present, the information technology service standard (ITSS) has been issued, 6 standards have been issued and implemented, and more than 60 standards are under research. It has led and deeply participated in many international standards in the fields of service quality, service outsourcing and cloud computing

Li Ying stressed that behind the standards are technology, capabilities and intellectual property rights. Therefore, the standards must always be rooted in the market, always serve the market, and must also closely follow the direction of industrial development. At the same time, the development of standards and the promotion and application of standards must be paid equal attention. In recent years, the Ministry of industry and information technology has organized standard verification and application pilots, held standard publicity and implementation meetings and training meetings, and worked together to promote the development, application and promotion of ITSS, so as to ensure the effective implementation of standards. Up to now, nearly 500 enterprises and institutions have established the operation and maintenance standard system and passed the third-party compliance assessment. In 2015, through full research and extensive consultation, the Ministry of industry and information technology, together with the National Standards Commission, issued the five-year action plan for the standardization of information technology services to further focus on industry forces and key directions, systematically promote the development and application of ITSS, find a new starting point for Industry Development, and form new momentum. Further accelerate the formulation of key urgently needed standards, build and improve the standard system, provide information technology services for key industries, focus on the development of urban areas, carry out standard application demonstrations in the fields of consulting design, integrated implementation, operation and maintenance, give full play to the strategic leading role of standards, guide enterprises to help China's automotive industry achieve transformation and upgrading, improve service capabilities, and cultivate a number of standard formulation and application talents, Better promote industrial transformation and upgrading

promote the application of ITSS in the field of nuclear energy

Li Ying pointed out that as the competent department of the information technology service industry, the Ministry of industry and information technology has been exploring the practical application of ITSS in key industries of industrial manufacturing. Nuclear power industry is an important practice field. Nuclear power industry is a modern high-tech intensive national strategic industry, and safety is the lifeline of nuclear power development. In all work, implementing standardized operations in strict accordance with national standards is an important way to ensure safety. In the field of information technology in the nuclear energy industry, by introducing ITSS and improving the standardization and standardization level of information technology services in the nuclear energy industry, we can improve the quality of information technology services and reduce the risk of information technology services, so as to ensure the safety of nuclear energy information technology services

she said that the ITSS branch and the nuclear energy and Information Technology Commission have carried out many fruitful practical cooperation, and signed the memorandum of cooperation on information technology service standard ITSS helping the informatization of the nuclear energy industry. In the future, the relevant departments will continue to support and guide the two associations to deepen cooperation on the basis of their existing work and speed up the integration and development of both supply and demand sides

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