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Sinopec call center (IT business) successfully launched

Hello! Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has an excellent technical team here, which is the Sinopec call center. I'm glad to serve you. At 8:09 a.m. on June 30, the first customer consultation was successfully accessed, marking the smooth launch of the Sinopec call center

the construction of call center is a key project in the construction of the group's integrated service system, which aims to build a one-stop service entrance for finance, HR, it, business travel, party affairs and other businesses, provide users with 7 * 24-hour inbound services such as consultation and complaints, and provide active outbound services for service investigation

in order to ensure the smooth launch, the service management department, it business service department and the call center project team have carefully deployed, actively attacked and inverted the work plan around the aspects of system construction, environment construction, business undertaking, operation management, personnel organization, etc., focusing on the docking of 30 application systems launched at the initial stage one by one, and determining the online transfer, forwarding and agent handling business process with each project team, Clearly divide the responsibility interface between the call center and the operation and maintenance team, determine the transfer of knowledge base and the address book of related parties, carry out intensive training in simulated real scenes, and comprehensively ensure the launch as planned

Gao Changzhong, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager of the branch, and the service management department then typed and copied various specified experimental curves and test reports, and the person in charge of the IT business service department for on-site guidance. Gao Changzhong fully affirmed the online work, and required the project team to steadily and gradually improve business skills, and continuously improve service level and quality on the basis of ensuring the connection rate, Strive to build a first-class call service team

the connection rate on the first day of the launch is 95.24%, which effectively promotes the steady development of the call center business. There is a good start for the users to revise the content of the report from the bank according to their own needs, and more foreign exhibitors to participate

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