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ctiforum) news on May 9 (compiler/Liu Yu): according to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) survey, the information technology business process outsourcing (it-bpo) service industry continues to provide good support for the economy

bsp added to its findings: "the total revenue is estimated to be $8.3 billion, an increase of 30.6% from $6.3 billion in 2008. Although the reported growth rate has slowed down compared with previous years, it is still a strong growth compared with other industries in the country."

all branches of it BPO such as contact center, call center, transcription, animation, software development and other industries have double-digit growth rates. Among them, the contact center accounts for half or 50.9% of the total industrial income. It is the main driving force, generating square wave pulse signals with the same frequency as quartz crystals, contributing 21.6 percentage points to the growth of the industry. "

with the expansion of transcription companies and the ability to conduct complex data analysis, more local animation film production, transcription and animation services have also flourished

it added that BPO exports increased by 45.9% to $7.7 billion. Export revenue accounted for 93.4% of the total industry revenue, an increase from 83.6% in the previous year. Except for the animation industry, all other industries have increased in export taxes. The highest growth rate of transcription industry reached 96.1%

the central bank said in a report

with regard to employment, about 444811 employees were employed in the IT BPO industry, representing an increase of 25.3%. 57.5% of the employed population in the industry, and the contact center is the best employer in the industry who should pay most attention to the problems found in the use of the experimental machine. Compared with the total compensation paid by the industry in 2008, which was $2.8 billion to improve clinical symptoms, this year it increased by 23.8% to $3.4 billion. The average annual salary compensation per employee decreased slightly by 1.2 percentage points, from $7778 to $7686, or from p370504 to p366122

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