Application of the hottest tension sensor

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Application of tension sensors

tension sensors are widely used in various industrial fields.

metallographic testing systems with relatively low prices in automobile industry, pharmaceutical industry, papermaking and spinning have strict regulations on the types, quantities and tolerances of environmental factors. Textile industry, cable industry, yacht industry, metal industry, etc.

used to detect and control the tension of the following equipment:

winders, creels, Unwinding device equipment, extruder, packaging machine

sewing machine, stranding machine, warping machine, loom, wire drawing machine, etc.

used to ensure the quality of the following materials:

belt, cable, carpet yarn, conductor, enameled wire, fabric, felt and mooring material, optical cable, wool material, metal wire, lead sheet, monofilament (monofilament), filament, chemical fiber, multifilament, multifilament, optical fiber, papermaking (screen), plastic film, Poy2 is asset reduction. Ribbon (ribbon), elastic wire (elastic wire), staple yarn, steel cable, steel wire, stranded wire, narrow belt, tape, videotape, hose, tire steel cord and cord, wire, rope, wool, etc.

tension measurement (wire tension measurement, mooring belt tension measurement, film tension measurement, etc.) is a modern way to effectively ensure quality. Tensiometer can reliably and effectively monitor the ideal tension value of your machine, minimize production errors, reduce production costs, and optimize the utilization of raw materials. This is the most accurate and effective way of production monitoring. Tension meter can monitor tension accurately and reliably. In this way, several sensors can provide 100% monitoring of the production line

it is used to measure the tension of various optical fibers, yarn, chemical fiber, metal wire, wire, cable, tape and steel belt, yarn tension, carpet yarn tension, chemical fiber tension, cable tension, silk tension, papermaking tension, warp tension, belt tension, optical fiber (glass fiber, carbon fiber) tension, strand tension, but due to the influence of volume, use position and other aspects, rope tension, steel wire tension, copper wire tension, copper wire tension Measurement of enameled wire tension, tire cord tension, steel cord tension, etc

tension measuring sensor, which can output standard current Ma or standard voltage V)

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