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Application and process of tandem twin wire welding in shipbuilding panel welding (Part 2)

3 composition of tandem twin wire welding panel system

(1) machine assembly: including main gantry, ladder, transverse sliding mechanism, etc. The main gantry adopts a fixed form, with a length of 21m, which is suitable for plates with different specifications of 21m and below. The welding trolley runs on the gantry beam, and the long welding distance has a strong technical competitive advantage. (2) Welding assembly: including welding trolley, three-dimensional, up and down lifting mechanism, left and right adjustment mechanism, welding gun clamping mechanism, etc. A) welding trolley: using bilateral variable-frequency drive, the driving power is 1.5KW, and the welding speed is mm/minb) welding gun up and down lifting device: under the transmission of precision screw rod, the welding gun carriage moves up and down through the linear guide rail pair, the driving power is 0.75KW, and the moving distance is 500mm, Speed: 250mm/minc) left and right traverse device of welding gun: the welding gun moves left and right manually driven by the welding arm, and the moving distance is 500mm through the linear guide rail pair guidance. (3) Welding system: including two sets of tandem twin wire welding machines (four), four wire feeders, two tandem twin wire welding guns, welding gun cables, connecting cables, etc. (4) Tracking system: including laser tracking system and electric cross carriage. The cross carriage structure is adopted. At the butt joint of the non-contact sensing workpiece, the welding torch is accurately followed by the X-Y slider according to the collected weld change signal. The accuracy is 0.25mm. (5) Welding smoke dust collector: including 1 set of German made welding smoke recovery system. (6) Arc guide assembly: including welding gun angle adjustment mechanism and welding gun spacing adjustment mechanism. (7) Energy transmission assembly: including 150. Fill all the gaps under the base with cement slurry. With a 00mm long tank chain, Jigu has very flexible advantages in goods preparation, supply and roller table. Roller diameter: 245x16mm. (8) Control assembly: including control box, operation box, cable, etc. The control system adopts centralized control, which can store welding process parameters, and can be called at any time according to different process parameters, with digital display. (9) Steel plate fixing device: including electromagnet, etc. Each electromagnet has a diameter of 250mm and a suction of 2 tons. The spacing between horizontal electromagnets is 925mm, and the longitudinal distance is 965mm. A supporting wheel is set in the middle of each electromagnet to facilitate the transportation of steel plates. (10) Liner: including ceramic or piano key type copper liner. The ceramic liner is installed manually, and the piano key copper liner is jacked and compressed by an air bag

4tandandem twin wire welding panel welding process:

(1) the two cut steel plates are placed on the roller table for pre spot welding, and the accuracy of the reserved gap is controlled below 3mm; (2) The steel plate splicing weld is sent to the weld patch through the synchronous conveyor chain, and the ceramic liner or jacking copper liner is pasted on the reverse side to ensure that the reverse liner is closely combined with the weld; (3) Start the high-speed tandem double wire gas shielded welding machine for welding, and the front and rear two tandem double wire welding guns work with four wires at the same time. The front gun is equipped with a weld laser tracking system for priming, and the rear gun is equipped with a charged arc to swing the cover, which is welded and formed at one time. (4) Remove the ceramic liner on the opposite side, and manually remove the root by gas shielded welding to complete the panel assembly process. (5) Transport the spliced steel plate to the longitudinal reinforcement keel assembly area, draw the position line of the longitudinal reinforcement keel on the steel plate, assemble and spot weld the keel, and send the assembled workpiece from the hot-air plastic granulator to the longitudinal reinforcement keel welding area for double-sided automatic welding

5 welding parameters see Table 1 for welding parameters

Table 1 welding parameters

remarks: relevant parameter settings of welding machine: ndem pulse MAG welding process, control mode u/i, material alloy steel, welding wire diameter 1.6mm, shielding gas 80%ar+20%co2 Master alternate of main power supply and slave mode of slave power supply, with phase difference of 50%; No spatter arcing Spaz; 2. Air supply 0.3 in advance and 0.8 behind; 3. Pre wire feeding speed: 3.5m/min; 4 arcing: arcing time 0.5/0.5s, rise time 0.3/0.3, wire feeding speed 4.8/4.5, pulse frequency 120/100, base current 80/80; 5. Arc extinction: arc extinction time 1.0/1.0, descent time 0.3/0.3, wire feeding speed 4.0/3.5, pulse frequency 80/80, base current 60/60; 6. Burn back: 30%

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