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On the morning of March 6, Beijing time, the data released by the American Conference Board showed that the recruitment of the technology industry was promoting the recovery of the U.S. job market, and recruiters had a strong demand for talents in computer software applications and data processing

jobs emerge in the technology industry

data show that from January to February this year, the number of computer and mathematics jobs increased by 2.1%, setting the second highest record since the American consultative Association counted this data in 2005. In addition, the ratio of job vacancies to the number of job seekers exceeds 3:1. In the technology industry job stations, the job information increased by 12% over the same period last year, while the demand for mobile application talents increased by more than 100% over last year

Michael Mandel, chief economic strategist at the American Institute for development policy, said: "this seems to be the beginning of another recruitment boom driven by the technology industry. The broad communication industry has withstood the impact of the economic recession and become the leader in the growth of job numbers."

the U.S. government will release employment data for February on March 9. In a Bloomberg survey, economists generally believe that employment will increase by 210000 in February. If this expectation is accurate, the employment in the United States will increase by 656000 in the past three months, higher than 471000 in the previous three months. The unemployment rate in the United States will stabilize at a three-year low of 8.3%

James Paulsen, fund manager of wells capital management in Minneapolis, said that the US stock market would benefit from the booming recruitment market and the improvement of consumer confidence. He predicted that the S & P 500 index would hit 1500 points this year. As of Monday's close, the S & P 500 index was 1364.33 points

since this year, technology stocks have generally performed well. As of Monday's close, vanguard information technology trading fund, which tracks the technology industry, rose 15% this year, higher than the 9% increase of SPDR Standard & Poor's 500 ETF fund. The development of the job market has also increased the support rate of U.S. President Barack Obama. According to a survey released by George Washington University on February 27, Obama's approval rating has risen to 53% from 44% in November last year

the application economy is developing rapidly

even if the market situation improves, some large technology companies are still layoffs. According to an employee rights organization, IBM cut more than 1000 jobs in North America last week. An IBM spokesman declined to comment on the scale of layoffs

on the other hand, the development of application economy is prompting small enterprises to recruit more. According to apple, the number of iPhone apps has exceeded 500000. In the past six months, bull, a Baltimore company focused on augmented reality applications! The number of employees has increased from 11 to 21, and recruitment continues. Carlson bull, the executive director and founder of the company, said that the company has strong recruitment demand and is considering establishing offices in other regions, including the United States

Tim Burks, the founder of radtastic, a software development company, said that he would receive twoorthree recruiters every day, hoping that he could work in other companies. This trend is still developing recently

a survey commissioned by TechNet, a technology industry organization in Washington, D.C., shows that the applied economy currently contributes about 466000 jobs to the U.S. job market, which was still blank in 2007. This includes application related positions in large companies such as Amazon, as well as recruitment by other companies in the industry

BRET Swanson, President of enterprise economics, a market research company, believes that Apple has promoted the development of the application economy. Although some critics pointed out that Apple's hardware was produced in China, Apple products also created jobs in the United States because iPhone "opened up a new software industry"

Apple said on the company's website that the company has created or supported 514000 jobs in the U.S. market, including 210000 jobs related to the application economy. This data from analysis group, a consulting firm, takes into account the employment situation of Apple suppliers and channels

3g and 4G network construction

a study released by economists Robert Shapiro and Kevin Hassett in January this year showed that due to the development of mobile communication technology from 2G to 3G, the number of relevant positions increased by 1.5 million from April 2007 to June 2011. These positions come from many fields, from infrastructure construction to retail

Shapiro said: "this seems to be an unusual employment driver. In the case of the overall economic downturn, it has created 1.5 million jobs. The development prospect from 3G to 4G is more optimistic."

as the director of economic policy at the American Enterprise Institute, Hassett pointed out that there are two economic effects in this development, namely, "angry birds" and "angry bosses ensure the lubrication between bearings; in order to ensure the sharpness of tool cuts". He said that the former effect mainly refers to that more and more developers are developing similar software programs, while the latter effect mainly refers to that enterprise bosses can continue to keep in touch with employees, so as to improve efficiency and profits, and finally promote the growth of employment

Fred Upton, chairman of the energy and Commerce Committee of the US House of Representatives, said that the sales of wireless spectrum promoted by the US Congress last month would release more spectrum resources, thereby supporting employment growth. Guggenheim partne can optimize the performance of lithium battery components. RS analysts said in a report last month that the construction of wireless networks will benefit many Antenna Companies in the United States, including American tower Corp, crown Castle International and SBA communications

Mandel said that the promotion of applied economy to employment growth may have reached its limit, and the annual growth rate in this field has reached 45%. Tom silver, senior vice president of dice holdings, believes that the recruitment boom in the technology industry is about to cool

he said, "we have gone through the initial stage of economic recovery, but we still see strong recruitment demand. However, customers have had some problems. The number of recruiters seeking talents for certain positions, such as software engineers, is stagnating."

large scale data processing

Mandel said that in terms of large-scale data processing, employment growth continues. At present, companies such as Google and Wal mart are trying to analyze the increasing data to assist in business development

a report released by McKinsey Global Institute last year shows that by 2018, the United States will need up to 490000 workers with "in-depth analysis" skills and 1.5 million managers focusing on data. James Manyika, the director of the Institute, said that the number of job seekers may not meet all needs, because "the mismatch of skills will be very obvious". However, large-scale data processing will still help enterprises use information to improve efficiency

last year, a survey of 179 listed companies conducted by MIT and the University of Pennsylvania showed that companies that make decisions based on data analysis are 5% more efficient and profitable than their competitors. Erik Brynjolfsson, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, believes that the current improvement in productivity is similar to that in the 1990s, when labor productivity increased by an average of 2.1% a year, higher than 1.5% in the 1980s

technology companies have noticed this trend and are trying to gain a more favorable position in a variety of ways. Chet bozdog, head of technology industry investment at Bank of America, said: "the number of transactions in the technology industry this year will exceed that of last year and 2007." In 2007, the total amount of acquisition transactions of technology companies reached $264.4 billion, the highest since 2000. The total amount of mergers and acquisitions announced last year was close to $200billion

Dell announced last month that it would launch a new server product line to target enterprise users and help enterprises build data centers for information storage, software publishing and cloud computing. Brinjolfson believes that the development of data processing is similar to the invention of microscope. Microscopes have helped scientists understand a new world and made many breakthroughs in the medical industry. Large scale data processing has the same significance in statistics and information analysis industry

he said that the MIT data business center used Google's search data to "accurately predict the housing sales in 50 U.S. states in the next three months". He also pointed out: "Google search engine users enable researchers to accurately predict the trend of colds before the CDC releases the report."

ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation vice president of research and policy Robert Litan said that although the large-scale data processing industry can not completely absorb untrained job seekers, this technology will give birth to Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. with a strong technical team to develop, produce, sell and sell the whole enterprise system to ensure the quality of your work. The new industry will also need a large number of talents. The demand for talents is very strong. Sina Technology ()

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