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The application of switching power supply in the robot industry

in recent years, the labor cost situation around the world is severe, which has brought a serious impact on the sustainable operation of enterprises. Facing this severe challenge, more and more large enterprises hope to make use of the combination of robots and automation technology, so that robots can work side by side with humans, Let robots replace (4) jobs in labor-intensive industries that maximize braking force, and the robot industry has gradually developed. The transformation of intelligent manufacturing by enterprises using robots has become a trend of future development, and it is also one of the major strategies for the development of manufacturing industry in China and even the world

in the development process of robot industry, due to the limitations of volume, size and weight, there are various strict requirements for the power supply used. For example, mobile robots usually cannot be powered by cables (except for some pipeline robots and underwater robots), but must be powered by batteries or internal combustion engines; Compared with other applications such as automobiles, batteries are required to be small in size, light in weight and high in energy density; And it is required to approach or achieve the safety and reliability of automotive batteries under various vibration and impact conditions. Therefore, traditional dry batteries and lead-acid batteries are not suitable for the production and use of robots

therefore, a new power supply mode has gradually become popular - switching power supply

switching power supply is a power supply that uses modern power electronic technology to control the time ratio of switching on and off and maintain a stable output voltage. Switching power supply is generally composed of pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET. With the development and innovation of b0.10 power electronics technology, switching power supply technology is also constantly innovating. At present, switching power supply is widely used in almost all electronic equipment with the characteristics of small size, light weight and high efficiency. It is an indispensable power supply mode for the rapid development of electronic information industry, and is used in the manufacturing of industrial robots by more and more enterprises

of course, switching power supply is in the early stage of development, with a wide range of products in the market, miscellaneous quality, and generally weak heat resistance. It brings a lot of trouble to robot manufacturers in choosing. So, what kind of switching power supply is reliable and reliable

reliable switching power supply must have ultra wide temperature range, high immunity, rich functions and flexibility. To ensure that robots can have strong and reliable power to serve mankind. TDK lambda is such a switching power supply, which provides high reliability for robot applications

in the field of industrial robots, TDK lambda has HWS series standard AC-DC switching power supply, the output power level is from 15W to 1800W, and the output voltage specification is from 3.3V to 60V. It adopts high-efficiency design, which effectively reduces the energy consumption when the power supply works; It is easy to install and use. The height of all models is 82mm, which saves space; The "safety terminal" terminal block covers the live area, and the design of "no screw falling" also avoids the screw falling or losing during the power supply maintenance operation, providing a 5-year warranty. At the same time, TDK lambda's rws-b series and Cu series standard switching power supplies also provide users with more power options

in the field of medical robots, TDK lambda's cus-m series products are standard AC-DC switching power supplies that meet the requirements of medical equipment and comply with the second and third editions of IEC. Under natural cooling, the output power level is from 30W to 350W (if forced air cooling is adopted, the power can reach 420W), the output voltage specification is from 5V to 48V, the design size is compact, the power density is high, and the efficiency is high. It can be used at an altitude of 5000 meters (some models are 4000 meters, please consult the salesperson for details), and provide a 3-year warranty

in order to meet the IEC standard, some robot controller products usually need to connect an AC transformer in series between the electricity and the power supply, as shown in the following figure:

but if the power supply itself can meet the ovciii standard, the user can exempt the AC transformer and meet the IEC standard at the same time, which not only saves the user's equipment space, but also reduces the product cost, Thus, the product competitiveness of users can be improved

for example, zws240rc-24 launched by TDK lambda can meet the ovciii standard, and some of its parameter characteristics are as follows:

a new era characterized by automation and robot popularization is coming. With the in-depth development of the fourth industrial revolution, it is believed that in the near future, the trend of automation replacing labor will continue to strengthen, and the use of social production costs: the "mechanization" of production seems no longer far away. Challenges and opportunities coexist with circutor's myebox, a portable power analyzer. TDK lambda will work hard to create a digital intelligent factory with robots as the core, so as to better serve the society and benefit mankind

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