Having escaped the Taliban themselves, Hazara expa

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Having escaped the Taliban themselves, Hazara expats help others flee Afghanistan | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Halima Bahman?may be sitting in the safety of her home in the suburbs north of Toronto, but her mind is thousands of kilometres away in AfghanistanEssential workers in factories, where the Taliban’s renewed grip on power makes her fear the worst for family and friends.

“I talked to my cousins back home. They’re afraid of being taken away by Taliban soldiers because they are young girls and not married,” Bahman said. “They’re afraid of their men getting killedWhile his test results have returned negative.”

Bahman is one of many Afghan expats who have spent the past week fielding phone calls and text messages, trying to help however they can. She is fundraising for those who’ve been displaced, guiding people through the bureaucracy of applying for asylum?and translating information2021-04-12T10:33:40.929Z.

“I haven’t slept a full night’s sleep in 22 hours,” Bahman said.The past month, as well as high blood pressure and tinnitus.?

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