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Recently, the China Hardware Association announced the list of winning works of the "golden hook Award" in the fourth China integrated kitchen industrial design competition. As an authoritative, fair and influential Design Award in the field of kitchen equipment at home and abroad, the "golden hook Award" is comparable to the German "red dot award". This "golden hook Award" selected the first, second, and third prizes and shortlisted awards of 9 categories of products, including the overall kitchen, range hood, stove, water heater, dishwasher, integrated stove, steam oven, other kitchen electrical products, kitchen accessories and accessories, and other concept groups also selected the first, second, and third prizes and shortlisted awards of related products. The first, second and third prizes of the "golden hook Award" are also called golden hook supreme award, golden hook Star Award and golden hook award respectively

golden hook Award - among them, "gold" represents hardware products, high gold content, the most authoritative, and is at the top of the pyramid. "Hook" represents the meaning of being selected as "good". The golden hook pattern is composed of contradictory lines of modern design, expressing the advanced and fashionable innovative creative concept of the competition. A total of 25 Works in the range hood category of the fourth "golden hook Award" won awards, including 3 first prizes, 5 second prizes, 8 third prizes and 9 finalists. Among them, Cohen kitchen appliances, as a professional manufacturer of full range kitchen appliances, with its new black technology LCD flat-panel cigarette machine 7230, with its industry-leading industrial design and energy conservation and environmental protection to interpret green life, stood out from many entries and won the industry's highest honor "golden hook Award" again

the innovative research and development of products should be from the perspective of consumers. Products and designs suitable for China must be derived from the Chinese environment. Cohen appliance has always been committed to improving the Chinese cooking environment, innovating around product use scenarios and service scenarios, and insisting on providing Chinese consumers with higher quality kitchen electrical products. Through subversive innovative design and advanced environmental protection concepts, we will lead the transformation and upgrading of China's kitchen electrical industry and leap forward development. Take the new black technology liquid crystal flat-panel cigarette machine 7230 of Cohen appliance as an example. It combines the advantages of the side range hood and the European range hood. In addition to the outstanding performance of the range hood, it is equipped with a 360 ° three-dimensional ring suction design, which does not smoke in all directions, and the cooking is healthy and comfortable

Shi senglan, director of China Hardware Association, said that the holding of the "golden hook Award" competition not only led the development direction of China's overall kitchen industrial design, actively promoted industrial technological innovation, but also further improved product quality. For the implementation of "made in China 2025", we should adhere to innovation driven, intelligent transformation, strengthen foundation, green development, and accelerate the transformation from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country It is of great historical significance to establish national brands





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