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In where's dad going, every parent and child has something to appreciate. In summer, the little princess gained the favor of many audiences. And I think summer is very lucky to have a pair of parents who know how to cultivate emotional intelligence

the pictures in the article are from where dad goes.

where dad goes. Every parent and child has something to enjoy. In summer, the little princess gained the favor of many audiences. And I think summer is very lucky to have a pair of parents who know how to cultivate emotional intelligence

this is really rare

every parent hopes that their children can be happy and successful, but they don't necessarily know what to do to ensure that their children can really be happy and successful in the future. Psychological research has found that emotional intelligence affects a child's life. High EQ not only makes you happy, but also has a key influence on your study, interpersonal relationships, and future work achievements. I have studied EQ since 1996 and have also done EQ education for children for many years. Usually, whether on TV programs or in large speeches, I have always reminded you that in family education, the most important role of parents is their children's "EQ coach", which helps children develop EQ skills, such as self-confidence, empathy, anger management ability, self-control, conflict management ability and so on

in this regard, summer's parents are very competent "EQ coaches". Some of the educational methods they show in the program are particularly prominent, encouraging and worthy of your reference

first, be good at communicating with children

at the beginning of the program, all parents and children were locked in a small room to wait. When there are no toys, some fathers look at their mobile phones, some sit silent, while summer's father and summer talk and laugh, and parent-child communication is excellent. Xia Keli said that he spent a lot of time with summer and talking to his children. splendid! Knowing how to communicate with children is one of the most nutritious elements in their parent-child relationship

many parents feel that accompanying their children is to play with toys or watch TV with their children. Without these media, they will lose the bridge of parent-child interaction and be at a loss. Xia Keli's practice illustrates another state: as long as I am with my children. I think this is the most successful parent-child education - without any tools, two people can get along happily. This means that the essence of this parent-child relationship is very good

second, pay attention to and accept children's emotions

when they find that their children have negative emotions, many parents often do, that is, shout at their children, "what are you angry about? What are you sad about? Don't cry or make trouble! I'll clean you up if you make trouble again..." while shakley's father has a different approach. He is very concerned about the child's mood and will gently say to summer, "I know you're unhappy..." he pays attention to the child's emotions and knows how to accept them, Doing so will make children feel love, which is also the basis of EQ education. Many parents ignore that, in fact, children's emotions are one of the ways of communication. Being ignored is the worst EQ education. Children are not easy to detect and care about their own and others' emotions in the future

third, teach children rules gently and firmly

in one program, summer was punished by his father for not doing what he said. Xia Keli gently said the reason for the punishment, and then wanted to accept the punishment in the summer and stand aside. If a person is punished in front of the camera in public, if the usual EQ education is poor and the child is not confident, it is easy to feel bad and cry

however, we saw that the little princess did not cry in summer, and readily accepted it. During the penalty stop, Nuo asked the reason, and summer said calmly: I'm in the penalty stop. Summer's reaction shows that father Xia not only loves children, but also attaches great importance to teaching children. He has rules and positions. If the child doesn't do it right, he will also be punished (but not fight or scold, but use the pause and calm method to ask the child to think calmly)

it's really a textbook practice of early childhood education, very attentive Dad! Yeah, yeah! Here deserves applause

I have heard some parents say that if they don't beat or scold and use the pause method, their children will not be obedient. When we talk carefully, it is often because they don't adhere to the implementation very seriously, and their parents go back on their words. Of course, the effect is not good

many parents are not good at "doing the rules". If their children do something wrong, they will either beat and scold severely or ignore doting. In fact, doting is the greatest harm to children, because parents give up the opportunity to educate their children and deprive their children of the right to grow up. And beating and scolding is the most harmful way to children's self-confidence, which is very undesirable. Summer father's practice is very worthy of reference. When parents are properly educated, children have a lot of love and self-confidence in their hearts, which will not affect their self-confidence even if they learn the correct practice

fourth, cultivate children's empathy

father Xia attaches great importance to children's empathy education. One scene in the program impressed me deeply. According to the rules, one of the three children, summer, Xuanxuan and Dajun, must be punished with his father and stay on the beach in a very shabby tent. Finally, encouraged by her father zoushiming, Xuanxuan said wrongfully, "let me live." So summer got the reward, and he was very happy to run back and shout to his father, "great!" At this time, Xia Keli's reaction made me feel particularly admired. Xia Keli said to her daughter, "we don't want to be too happy. Xuanxuan is sad that she didn't have it."

WOW! The father has been teaching his children how to pay attention to others' emotions and cultivate empathy since childhood. Children should not forget to experience others' feelings when they are happy. He is telling Xia Xia that Xuanxuan just stepped forward, which is equivalent to helping us a lot. Therefore, we can live in a great house and eat delicious food

my observation is that many parents ignore the need to cultivate their children's empathy, so children are always "self-centered", such people are not popular, and when they grow up, they become the "giant baby" in psychologists -- they look like adults, but they are still babies in their hearts. Therefore, the education methods of dad in this part in summer are very worthy of parents' learning and reference

this article is extracted from the recommended preface written by Dr. Zhang Yiyun for the new book "be a princess with you all your life" (written by Xia Keli and Huang Jiaqian)





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