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"lead the trend and enjoy the top home life experience"! When the door and window project of the 41 story mansion of Wanda yuyushi family, the core landmark of Wuhan, successfully lifted the super large glass upstairs, people couldn't help sighing like this

located in the central cultural zone of Wuhan, Wanda Yuhu aristocratic family is the peak masterpiece of luxury houses in China created by Wanda Group by drawing on 25 years of experience in luxury house development and construction. There is East Lake in the South and Sand Lake in the north, with a full view of the first line of the lake. Sitting on Chu River Han street, the average price is 800-1200 one thousand luxury houses

this is one of the many cases of red oak door and window mansion projects. Sitting in the top-level luxury house, overlooking the water color of Wuhan's core landmark lake and river, and matching with red oak doors and windows, a benchmark brand in the door and window industry, the trend of "going to the top and looking at the mountains and small" is really present in front of you

the smooth progress of the luxury housing project symbolizes the increasing proportion of red oak doors and windows in high-end consumer groups; It further shows that the excellent performance and rock stable product quality of red oak doors and windows have been widely recognized and respected by luxury home owners

this is also the case. After in-depth communication with the owner, it was learned that the owner was "convinced" by the four characteristic advantages of red oak doors and windows

characteristic advantages 1

adopt double-layer tempered laminated glass of Xinyi brand, one of the top ten glass brands. Compared with other glasses, it has super shock resistance, anti-theft, bullet proof and explosion-proof safety performance; It can effectively block 99% of ultraviolet rays, make your home full of sunshine and brilliant breath, and protect your skin and your family's skin closely; It can reduce solar radiation, prevent energy loss, adjust room temperature, save energy and environmental protection, and effectively insulate sound

characteristic advantages 2

all products of red oak doors and windows adopt double-layer comprehensive high-standard packaging, which can effectively ensure the safety of logistics and greatly facilitate on-site installation. Red oak doors and windows, regardless of the cost of product packaging, try to avoid the damage to the interests of terminal owners and delay the construction process. This is not only the rigorous working attitude of red oak doors and windows, but also the persistent requirements for product details

characteristic advantages 3

the use of high-quality imported hardware is the consistent good style of red oak doors and windows. Red oak doors and windows put themselves in the interests of the owners. The quality gap between high-quality imported hardware and ordinary domestic hardware is huge, especially in terms of durability. However, it is often difficult to distinguish imported parts from domestic parts by appearance alone, so many owners ignore this. For example, the sliding door pulley of red oak doors and windows adopts imported top-grade stainless steel pulley, which is smooth and silent, and can be used for 100000 times without failure. However, ordinary domestic parts are often pushed and pulled unsmoothly and make harsh noise within a few years

characteristic advantages 4

the unique artistic arc pressing line of red oak doors and windows is not only difficult for other door and window manufacturers to achieve the process level, but also a distinctive "artistic realm" of red oak doors and windows, which leads the trend. Red oak doors and windows spent a lot of money to actively introduce advanced equipment and experience from Europe and the United States, combined with China's national conditions and its own exquisite craftsmanship, and independently developed an industry-leading "artistic arc pressing line". With exquisite appearance, unique craftsmanship and artistic beauty, the structure is stable, and can effectively improve the air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation of doors and windows

the characteristic advantages of red oak doors and windows are far more than these. Oh, the Xiaobian will present the numerous engineering cases of red oak doors and windows in the future one by one. Please look forward to it

freehand home, let you enjoy endless fun! As one of the top ten brands in the door and window industry, red oak doors and windows will continue to strive to provide you with higher quality door and window products; Let thousands of families across the country enjoy the red oak doors and windows that lead the trend, and achieve a higher quality of life experience




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