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The price of pulp board continues to rise, and the price of paper packaging box is quietly rising. 30. The continuous rise in the price of pulp board and freight of pressure testing machine controlled by computer directly and digitally is affecting every industry that uses paper packaging box. Yesterday, it was learned that the price of paper packaging boxes has quietly increased by nearly 30%. In the future, citizens may pay more for packaging fees

the cost of boxed napkins has risen

in the industry where paper packaging boxes are commonly used, the first thing people think of should be boxed napkins. Yesterday, Mr. Xie from the Sales Department of Mingyi Chongqing Paper Industry Co., Ltd. said in an interview that the price of paper packaging boxes has risen from 6700 yuan/ton last year to 8700 yuan/ton, an increase of nearly 30%, and the main reason for the rise in prices is the rise in freight and pulp board prices

the rise in freight prices is not due to the rise in oil prices, but because it is difficult to refuel. Mr. Xie told us that the shortage of diesel fuel in the past two months has boosted the rise in freight rates, and the pulp board we produce packaging boxes is mainly imported from the United States and Russia. The rise in freight rates is bound to cause a rise in the price of pulp board

Mr. Xie said that the paper packaging of his company is mainly boxed napkins, and the cost of producing a box of napkins is about 0.4 0.5 yuan higher than last year

each shoebox has risen by nearly 1 yuan

Miss Xie, who is engaged in clothing business near Yubei people and Jinke Tianhu Meizhen community, told me that when she recently bought boots from the wholesaler, the wholesaler repeatedly told me to keep the shoebox well when returning and changing goods. At that time, the boss told me that it was because the price of the packaging box had risen, and I made fun of him. As a result, another retailer did not have a shoebox when they went to exchange goods, and was deducted money

yesterday, I called Ms. Zhou, the relevant person in charge of Chongqing yadannu footwear industry. She told me that yadannu's shoeboxes were made to order by the manufacturer. The general packaging box price was around 2 yuan. If the thicker and harder shoeboxes cost about 5 yuan. Since this year, the price of shoeboxes has been rising. So far, the price of each shoebox has risen by nearly 1 yuan

the buyer has to pay for carton packaging

recently, brench, the buyer, also found that many of the items she bought from the store that should have been packed in cartons have been packed in plastic bags. A few days ago, I bought a bottle of makeup water in a glass bottle, which is fragile. But when I received it yesterday, I found that the seller did not use cartons as before, but wrapped a lot of inflatable plastic bags with transparent glue on the outer packing box of makeup water to prevent earthquakes

log in to Taobao and see that many sellers publish announcements in their stores: plastic packaging is free, and paper packaging boxes must pay packaging fees. We have received notices from some express companies. In the past, paper packaging boxes were free, but now they all charge money. The price depends on the size and material. Chips1016, a seller on Taobao, told me that the price of a paper packaging box is about 0.5 yuan to 10 yuan. It's OK to say oneortwo. My daily shipment is more than 50 pieces when the machine starts to operate. I can't afford to lose money on my small business

it is understood that at present, Yuantong express and Yunda express have issued price increase announcements, while the relevant person in charge of Chongqing Shunfeng express said that the company has not raised the price of express fees for the time being

waste collectors prefer waste paper boxes

the price rise of paper packaging boxes has made many waste recyclers secretly happy. Yesterday, Mr. Tang, who was recycling old newspapers in jiaochangkou, told us that in the past, the recycling price of newspapers was twice as expensive as that of cartons. Waste recyclers were happy to collect newspapers. Most products belong to measuring instruments. Now the recycling prices of the two are comparable. The recycling price of cartons with good quality reached more than 2 yuan per kilogram. Now we prefer to collect cartons

the staff of Chongqing Weiyi waste paper purchasing station on Yubei road and Yubei road confirmed that more and more people are recycling waste paper boxes. The staff member told that the price of one kilogram of waste newspaper was 1.1 yuan before, but now it has risen to about 1.4 yuan; The original recycling price of a kilogram carton was 4 jiao to 7 Jiao. Now it is generally more than 1 yuan. The price of good quality old cartons is more than that. The recycled cartons can be made into 3 packaging boxes after a few simple processes, and the cost is low. The staff member said that the carton recycling price began to rise from September, and it is still rising

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