The price of spandex fell at the end of the hottes

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At the end of the year, the price of spandex fell

from December 27 to 31, 2010, on the eve of new year's day, the domestic spandex market was affected by the continued weakness of the textile industry, the inventory pressure of production enterprises increased, and some enterprises continued to ship at low prices, but the market transaction was still insufficient. Due to the limited terminal demand at the end of the year, the shortage of household automobiles in many factories is not only a tool, but also a large price difference in spandex, so the transaction is still dominated by small orders. Due to the high-level support of upstream raw materials, the prices of some low-end spandex varieties are close to the cost price, and the orders of textile factories in some regions drive the purchase increment. Some manufacturers began to tentatively fill positions and stock up with small orders, reversing the bearish business expectations of many Spandex Enterprises. The basic market shows a trend of stabilization and consolidation, and the scope of price reduction is narrowed. At the end of the year, due to the increasingly tight capital turnover of some middlemen and manufacturers, spandex continued to run at a relatively low price. In order to alleviate the expectation of upward inventory in the early spring festival, it continued to ship at a preferential price. The downstream purchase volume rose slightly in some parts, but the overall transaction level still fell slightly

in the domestic spandex trading market, affected by the continuous weak procurement operation of the textile industry and the continuous growth of inventory pressure of manufacturers, some enterprises continue to cash out in the form of low prices, and the trading center still has a falling performance. The mainstream quotation of 40d spandex was about 61000 yuan/ton on December 27, and about 60000 yuan/ton on December 31. On the eve of new year's day, the sales range of 40d center is 55000-63000 yuan/ton, and the shipment range of 20d main body is 75000-82000 yuan/ton

the upstream ptme price is basically stable. On December 27, the mainstream quotation was about 28500 yuan/ton, and by December 31, the mainstream quotation was stable at about 28500 yuan/ton

the price of upstream pure MDI is basically stable. On December 27, the mainstream quotation was about 21000 yuan/ton, and by December 31, the mainstream quotation was stable at about 21000 yuan/ton. The pure MDI direct supply market of upstream raw materials continued a stable trend under the influence of the successive introduction of new prices of Wanhua and NPU; Although the transaction in the spot market is flat, 5. The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage shall not exceed ± 10% (220V) of the rated voltage, Downstream procurement is mainly wait-and-see. However, due to the low inventory pressure of traders and the reluctance to sell at low prices, there are still small orders for high-end goods. The transaction price in East China is 20000-20500 yuan/ton, and the price of some small orders is 20500-21000 yuan/ton. The transaction volume in South China was 21000-21500 yuan/ton, and some of the quotations were higher

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