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Oekametall's new eye black and lip gloss box

oekametall produces a novel double headed eye black for L'Oreal's Lancome brand through a delicate decoration. This cylindrical bottle is injection molded and further improved with different decorative processes

in order to produce a flickering advanced appearance, the comb shaped packaging bottle is HV metallized and polished, and Lancome's logo is pad printed. The black container with brush shaped head is decorated with a silver hot foil, and the matte paint coating behind it gives 882.6 a pleasant touch to the packaging with the growth and expansion of exhibitors. As the connecting element of two eye black tubes, the middle part has an internal control. Lancome's iconic rose and two silver rings are obtained by silver foil stamping. The difficulty here is to assemble the intermediate part and the applicator unit composed of nine separate parts. And the precise positioning of decorative parts is also very difficult. Each single piece is equipped with a 500 ton directional power tensile machine (tensile testing machine). The automatic trolley is pulled by two thrust cylinders to carry out the tensile test on the test piece, which can ensure the accurate alignment in the process of assembly and printing

one end of this eye black is equipped with a patented brush shaped hair, while the other end is an injection molded comb shaped hair. An increase of 3.33% year on year. This comb is made by Hytrel? Made of thermoplastic polyester elastomer

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