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Recently, a fixed vehicle exhaust gas monitoring remote sensing device integrating gasoline and diesel was newly installed in Yangzhuang street, Shijingshan District, Beijing. The license plate and exhaust grade of passing vehicles were immediately displayed on the LED screen in front of the driveway. This is the best level in four years. It can make vehicles with substandard exhaust gas have nowhere to hide, record and expose in real time

whether the exhaust emission of motor vehicles speeding past is qualified is also included in the monitoring scope of "electronic eye". In order to strengthen vehicle exhaust monitoring, two new exhaust monitoring remote sensing devices are added in Shijingshan District. When the vehicle passes through the monitoring area, the concentration of exhaust pollutants can be monitored instantly, and the detection results can be displayed on the LED electronic screen. Once the test is unqualified, it will not pass the annual inspection

recently, when I came to Yangzhuang street in Shijingshan District, two white boxes were placed on both sides of the road, and an electronic camera was hung not far away. "This is specially used to monitor vehicle exhaust. The box here is the transmitter and the receiver on the opposite side. Using the optical principle of remote sensing, the content of nitrogen oxides and other pollutants emitted by vehicle exhaust can be monitored during the driving process. At the same time, the license plate number can be recorded. The monitoring data can't be sent upward to the motor vehicle management center of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau." Jie, the relevant person in charge of Shijingshan District Environmental Protection Bureau, first talked about where he went to play yesterday. Further on, an LED electronic screen stands on the roadside. Whenever a vehicle passes the monitoring area, it will display the license plate number and whether the exhaust monitoring results are qualified in real time

at present, the remote sensing device has been installed in two places to monitor the exhaust emission of passing vehicles. In addition to Yangzhuang street, another Jin'an bridge on Fushi road operates continuously for 24 hours. Once the center monitors the vehicles whose exhaust emissions do not meet the standard, it will send the notice to the owner in the form of express delivery. After receiving the notice, the owner can go to the motor vehicle inspection site to retest and repair the motor vehicle exhaust treatment device. If the exhaust treatment still does not meet the standard during the annual inspection of the motor vehicle, it will not pass the annual inspection

"this exhaust gas monitoring remote sensing device can reflect the actual emission status of the vehicle, and can complete the monitoring during the normal driving process of the vehicle. The operating conditions of the vehicle engine are more authentic during the monitoring." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that in the past, law enforcement officers mostly used the method of visually measuring the gray level of exhaust gas after suddenly stepping on the three foot accelerator. Now, fixed remote sensing monitoring is used, which is fast, efficient and uninterrupted, greatly improving the road sampling rate of vehicles. At the same time, the entered data information is directly uploaded to the data center of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, avoiding artificial fraud

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