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Aseptic packaging in plastic bottles, a new favorite of the packaging industry in the United States (I)

the apparent consumption of plastic is as high as 93 million tons. Experts predict that the aseptic filling and packaging technology of plastic bottles for low acidity and high acidity products will be further recognized and applied in the United States

what new developments will plastic bottle aseptic packaging achieve in the next few years? This largely depends on the level of economic development. Industry experts believe that gradually giving up the heavier hot filled plastic bottles and switching to the sterile filled plastic bottles with lighter weight and lower cost can be implemented on a large scale only when the economic development is relatively smooth

Dr. severgon paranianpan, director of technical reform business of Minute Maid branch in Houston of Coca Cola company, said: "in the long run, sterile filling has better economic benefits, but the high initial cost of investment is a great disadvantage. From the current economic situation, it is difficult to ask the company's management to invest 20million US dollars to buy a full set of sterile packaging production line."

Mr. rob Hoskins of Krones company (manufacturer of sterile filling and packaging equipment) in Franklin, Wisconsin, said, "front-end investment is not the only obstacle. A considerable investment is needed in personnel training and production operation. Many beverage suppliers are waiting for others to bite this hard bone first, and then learn relevant experience from them."

some manufacturers are waiting for the packers to adopt sterile packaging technology. Frorito valtacio & Sons is a good example. The exquisite glass bottles and labels made by the company for its Arizona tea and fruit juice drinks have been widely praised. This summer, the company launched several kinds of beverage products using heat filled polyethylene terephthalate packaging bottles. Mr. John barberney, general manager, said, "we also consider adopting sterile filling technology, but the packaging processing capacity of the packer is insufficient."

Welch company, a packer headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts. Mr. ed Lena, the manager of the packaging research and Development Department of the company, said: "due to the development of bottle making technology, the light weight hot filled plastic packaging bottles can be used at present. Therefore, the cost difference between hot filled and cold filled plastic packaging bottles is not very large." According to Mr. Lena, Welch also considered using sterile filling packaging technology when it recently launched a 10 Ounce special fruit juice beverage bottle. However, it later proved that the heat filled polypropylene multi-layer packaging bottle was attractive because it could be filled and packaged on Welch's 10 Ounce glass heat filled packaging line. This is in this case. It is difficult to sell the multi million dollar sterile packaging line to the company's management

is still very attractive to customers

despite the above factors, sterile filled plastic bottles are still very attractive to many beverage companies. Although several beverages produced by Minute Maid use hot filled plastic bottles, But Dr. paraniapan said: "We believe that hot filled plastics can not meet all the needs of the future. Compared with hot filled plastic bottles, in the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulator equipment, sterile packaging allows users to have absolute freedom in packaging design, so there is no need to use vacuum packaging technology in packaging. In addition, it can effectively protect the taste and nutrition of beverages. Such comprehensive benefits must be given to reuse chromium oxide grinding Paste on the research. "

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