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There are many new panel factories in the mainland, and the upstream panel component factories in Taiwan suffer.

there are many new panel factories in the mainland of Chinese Mainland. Qiu Yubin, deputy general manager of WitsView, a research and adjustment institution, said that the mainland panel factories use local components. Under the situation of stagnant capacity expansion of Taiwan panel factories, the upstream panel component factories in Taiwan are difficult to operate due to lack of market

Qiu Yubin pointed out that after the panel plants in Taiwan and South Korea developed to the high-generation production line of 8.5 generation plants, they began to ease or even stagnate the expansion of new plants in 2012. However, new panel plants such as analysis columns in Chinese Mainland continue to expand their production capacity, so the upstream component plants of panels can only rely on panel plants in Chinese Mainland to survive. The global market capacity of composite aerospace materials will increase from 9765 tons to 20189 tons

he said that in addition to the official industrial policy assistance of Chinese Mainland panel factories BOE and csot, local panel upstream component factories also enjoy various preferences; Moreover, due to the low technical threshold, the quality of parts and components of land plant is very close, even if it is not as good as that of Taiwan plant

therefore, the low price competition of panel component factories in Chinese Mainland has seriously compressed the living space of panel upstream component factories in Taiwan

he said that in the process of transformation from manufacturing to consumption in Chinese Mainland, foreign capital has changed from valuing local cheap labor to valuing the vast local market, such as the huge LCD TV market, which drives the entire TV industry. Not only the local 108 stoneware brick brand, but also the panel industry and the panel upstream component industry have been expanded in recent years

he bluntly said that Corning, Asahi nitrate and electric nitrate, the world's largest display glass substrate manufacturers; Sumitomo, a large Japanese polarizer, and the trade driving effect of Nitto mostly set up factories in Chinese Mainland, focusing on the local market, but Chinese Mainland still cultivates local display glass substrate factories and local polarizer factories

he believes that the technological threshold of the upstream components of the panel, especially the components required by the panel backlight module, is relatively low, and manufacturers in Chinese Mainland have learned a lot from foreign-funded enterprises, including Taiwan manufacturers. Even the touch panel factory is no longer dominated by Taiwan factory, and the mainland factory also has the momentum to challenge Taiwan factory. However, Taiwan touch panel factory chose to cooperate with the mainland factory, focusing on the Chinese Mainland market

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