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The new favorite of modern commodity packaging

2. Design is the cup burst value of plates

as the leader of the packaging industry, design has been paid more and more attention by the government and the industry. Packaging and its packaged products are a relationship of "lips and teeth depend on each other, sharing weal and woe". Many famous brand products such as Wuliangye provide great development opportunities and development space for its packaging. Similarly, a good packaging design scheme can also greatly improve the value and added value of the original products

for the design of carton packaging, many insightful designers are no longer the simple pattern design in the past. Now carton design pays more attention to the design planning of the whole product brand. This kind of design planning has incorporated many new elements such as culture, humanities, history and art, so that consumers can not only enjoy material products, but also meet many spiritual needs, and make people have many beautiful reveries and memories. This kind of design planning is often not a single product, but a series of products. There are many successful design cases. For example, "Shanghai old wine", the designer takes "Shikumen", the Shanghai folk house with the most humanistic characteristics and historical symbols, as the main line of the whole design idea, and highlights the theme of "Shikumen" in the whole design pattern. "Shikumen" can remind people of the Shanghai style culture of the combination of Chinese and Western culture in old Shanghai; Think of a thought-provoking vicissitudes of history that used to be an adventurer's paradise; It is associated with the special life environment where foreigners and Chinese live together and the customs of various countries are integrated. Therefore, "Shikumen" has a profound accumulation of Shanghai culture, humanities and history. Taking her as the design soul of "Shanghai old wine" is really a smart move of designers. The United States accepted the second round of human rights review of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Imagine how spiritual it is to savor the old "Shanghai wine" and ponder the local customs, Shanghai style culture and smoke like past of Shanghai represented by "Shikumen". According to the design plan of "Shanghai old wine", the designer divides the wine into red label, black label, splendid, classic and other series and several grades according to the quality of the wine. The price of each bottle ranges from 17 yuan, 27 yuan, 97 yuan, 179 yuan, and the most expensive one sells for 297 yuan. In the brand design and planning of "Shanghai old wine", the designers also "sell" the concepts of nutrition, health care and longevity to consumers together with wine. They add honey, medlar, ginger juice and other nutritional supplements to the wine, so that "Shanghai old wine" not only has the function of satisfying the taste, but also has the effects of nourishing and nourishing the body and prolonging life. It is said that this kind of yellow rice wine, which costs more than 10 yuan per kilogram produced in Shanghai, has doubled its value through packaging design, brand planning and quality improvement, greatly increased the added value of the product, and greatly increased the market share of "Shanghai old wine". It is understood that the sales volume of "Shanghai old wine" now exceeds 100million yuan. At present, it has been exported to Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and has become a label of Shanghai, an international metropolis

novel and practical packaging design can cause strong visual impact and stimulate people's consumption desire. For example, the "Panda" cigarette in Shanghai adopts a very rare rounded box type; Xinzheng in Henan Province and Huaiyin in Jiangsu Province adopt a side push "sanitary cigarette box", that is, the cigarette box is opened from the side to avoid the spread of bacteria caused by fingers touching the top of the filter tip; Foreign designers plan to design a kind of packaging carton that can be opened and sealed repeatedly, which is not only convenient for consumers to access, but also can maintain the freshness of the contents of the carton... Similar to this creative packaging design, it also greatly increases the added value of products and becomes a new favorite of the market

in 2005, the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress put forward the topic of "Research on the development strategy of Shanghai packaging and printing industry", which has clearly put forward that packaging design is an important part of the creative industry. It is understood that Liu Weiya's original studio, one of the 11 original studios of Shanghai Design Masters listed on February 28, 2005, is currently discussing the packaging design of new Maotai products with Maotai distillery

the author believes that packaging design is a crucial link for products to occupy the market and go abroad. Novel and practical packaging design will certainly drive the development of carton packaging to a higher level, especially in the modern era of rapid commodity transformation, packaging design will be the most effective means to improve the attractiveness of commodity shelves

3. Environmental protection

as natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, landslides, droughts and so on have been rampant for years, which have brought great disasters to the world, people began to reflect on the harm caused by improper economic development to their living earth and environment. Therefore, the voice of advocating environmental protection and green consumption is rising day by day

the main purpose of "green consumption" and "green packaging" is not to damage the ecological environment, not to harm human health, and to save resource consumption. According to this "green" purpose, people not only require to provide them with "green" consumer products, but also require to provide "green" product packaging. From July, 2006, the European Union will officially implement the RoHS Directive on limiting the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic equipment in Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which mainly solves the problems of "electronic waste" recycling and recycling, and preventing hazardous substances from harming human health. According to the RoHS directive, electronic and electrical equipment entering the EU market shall not contain six harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers. At the same time, packaging and packaging waste shall be implemented in accordance with Directive 94/62/EC and its extension Directive 2004/12/EC, requiring that the total content of lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium in packaging materials shall not exceed 100ppm. RoHS directive covers 10 categories of products, including large and small household appliances, communication, lighting equipment, electronic and electrical tools, toys, medical equipment and so on. The packaging materials referred to include corrugated boxes, cartons and instructions

at present, some well-known multinational companies in developed countries, regions and internationally are advocating "green.partner" (GP for short). GP mainly restricts the use of toxic and harmful substances to reduce the harm to the ecological environment. According to the theme of GP, some countries, regions and multinational companies have formulated a set of technical standard documents accordingly. For example, Sony Corporation of Japan has formulated ss-oo259 technical standard, and Panasonic Corporation of Japan has formulated green procurement guidelines. Through the above technical standards, the scope of toxic and harmful substances is clarified to prevent the mixing of substances harmful to the ecological environment in their products or products supplied to them. Many of our packaging and printing enterprises that provide cartons and carton packaging for Sony and Panasonic must accept the GP certification of these companies every year and promise that the packages provided do not contain toxic and harmful substances listed by GP. Only in this way can we be qualified as their qualified suppliers

recently, Chinese experts and authorities appealed to the government to formulate mandatory standards for national food packaging safety certification. The main background of calling for the formulation of this standard is that due to the current lack of effective management of the production, processing and use of food packaging materials in China, there is a phenomenon of laissez faire. The food packaging materials produced by some enterprises do not meet the environmental protection requirements, and the safety events caused by food packaging are frequently dried by the media. Such as the toxic preservative film incident, the penetration of harmful substances on the surface of milk packaging and printing, and the excessive residue of organic substances on the surface of food packaging in 2005. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the environmental protection and safety of food packaging, integrate with international standards, and implement packaging safety certification. At the same time, developed countries and regions, in order to curb the strong momentum of China's commodity exports, protect their domestic and traditional markets, rely on their technological advantages, build technical barriers, and constantly raise the "environmental protection threshold" in international trade, which has repeatedly hindered China's commodity exports. China's food packaging to the world, not only requires our food to have environmental protection and safety, but also the outer packaging of food should meet these requirements. The safety certification of food packaging in China came into being under this specific background

therefore, whether ROHS directive, GP certification or the "food outer packaging safety certification" to be issued in China, all these indicate that the packaging provided by our industry (including cartons, especially export cartons) must pay attention to environmental protection, otherwise they will be harmed

it is understood that in 2005, a packaging and printing enterprise in Jiangsu provided packaging cartons for a manufacturer, and its products were exported to the United States. After a batch was exported to the United States, the United States inspection found that the heavy metal cadmium contained on the packaging surface exceeded the standard, so all of them were returned, with a loss of $600000. In today's meager profit era of packaging and printing, this loss is undoubtedly a heavy or even fatal blow to enterprises

therefore, in order to prevent the cartons we produce from becoming the bottleneck of China's commodity export and the "technical threshold" of import countries' trade protection, we must pay attention to environmental protection

4. Anti counterfeiting

in order to prevent products from counterfeiting, various anti-counterfeiting technologies and means are widely used in high-end cigarette boxes, wine boxes, medicine boxes, health care products boxes, cosmetics boxes, electronic and electrical products boxes. The anti-counterfeiting technologies and means used in carton packaging are quite complex, such as laser holographic technology, cardboard layered dyeing technology, embossing technology, two-dimensional code technology, plate design, combination printing, thermal materials, anti-counterfeiting technology, DNA technology, etc

for example, the quick acting heart saving pill produced by Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group adopts a linear anti-counterfeiting printing system. The system has 12 anti-counterfeiting modules, and each module has a unique anti-counterfeiting plate pattern. If several modules are mixed, it has strong randomness and uniqueness in the selection of graphics, causing great difficulty to the imitators. Even if the designer imitates it, the effect of graphics cannot be exactly the same, The anti-counterfeiting effect is good and economical

in the anti-counterfeiting technology of famous wines, many disposable anti-counterfeiting packaging cartons are now used. This anti-counterfeiting structure adopts special die-cutting processing or manual molding methods. When the bottle is taken out of the box, the box is destroyed. For example, Jiannanchun has a wine box to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. There is also a Liuyanghe wine with a non porous lock on the outer package. As long as the outer package is opened, the wine box will be damaged, which also plays an anti-counterfeiting role

the most "luxurious" Application of anti-counterfeiting technology is the high-end cigarette box, such as the "Panda" cigarette produced by Shanghai tobacco. Five anti-counterfeiting technologies such as light change and embossing are used on a small cigarette box. Even the most cutting-edge and fashionable DNA technology is also impressively applied, which shows the degree of luxury

although the lineup of anti-counterfeiting technologies applied in high-end carton packaging is very large, the latest anti-counterfeiting technologies continue to join them, which fully shows the industry's attention to the anti-counterfeiting function of carton packaging

in short, our carton production should pay attention to its intelligence to meet people's needs; Pay attention to its design to attract customers' attention; Pay attention to its environmental protection to ensure sustainable development; Pay attention to its anti-counterfeiting to

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