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-- all print exhibition Heidelberg encountered difficulties, and the organizer Duesseldorf solved them in a timely and effective manner

due to the impact of SARS in the first half of the year, the China International all print exhibition, hosted by the China Association of printing technology, the China Institute of Printing Science and technology and Duesseldorf Exhibition (China), with a global automobile output of more than 90million vehicles, was postponed to October 29 to November 1, 2003, Due to the large number of exhibition projects in the second half of the year, the supply of the exhibition hall is in short supply, resulting in a very limited time for exhibitors to enter the exhibition hall and move out of the exhibition hall, which has brought great trouble to large companies such as Heidelberg, a leading enterprise in the printing industry. Fortunately, the organizer Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. studied and coordinated with the exhibition hall and other aspects in a timely and effective manner, solved the problems, ensured the smooth participation of exhibitors, and won a lot of applause from exhibitors

Heidelberg has surprised the printing industry more than once. At present, it has become the mainstay of offset printing machine manufacturers. This time, Heidelberg will land at the China International all printing exhibition with a large area of booths to display its new products and technologies. However, the large-scale exhibition caused by SARS has been postponed to the second half of the year. The supply of the exhibition halls in Shanghai is in short supply, and the exhibitors arranged by the exhibition hall have limited time to move in and move out, Heidelberg required sufficient time to carry out the entry of the new machine, which was easy to inspect, crack installation, commissioning and withdrawal. After learning the situation, the organizer Duesseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. actively took action. After studying and coordinating with the exhibition hall and other relevant units, Special arrangements have been made to ensure the smooth participation of Heidelberg: first, the entry time of Heidelberg has been extended from the original 36 hours to the current 114 hours, and the withdrawal time has also been extended as required; Secondly, in order to ensure the pre installation of the machine, Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. will arrange a workshop near the Shanghai New International Expo Center in 2013, so that Heidelberg can pre install and debug the exhibits before they enter the museum

the floor load of the workshop is similar to that of the exhibition hall, and it can supply power, water and compressed air according to the requirements of Heidelberg; Thirdly, a special outdoor unloading area will be set up for Heidelberg on the east side of hall 4, so that large machines can be transported into the exhibition hall more quickly, and the purchase door next to the Heidelberg booth will be set up as a special channel for Heidelberg, and special personnel will be assigned to guard the cargo door to ensure the unimpeded access of goods; Finally, Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. will arrange a dining lounge with sofas, drinks and snacks, microwave ovens, refrigerators, coffee machines and other equipment near Hall 4 for Heidelberg engineers and other on-site staff to rest on shifts. At the same time, Dusseldorf specially arranges customs inspection in advance to avoid delays caused by waiting for customs inspection, Two project directors will serve the Heidelberg booth 24 hours a day for deployment, and an operation team composed of 8 experienced workers will serve the Heidelberg booth 24 hours a day

the active participation and response of Duesseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. has timely and effectively solved the problem that the sea often has no way to start Debao, which fully proves its service concept of "providing exhibitors and visitors with high-quality services of the same standard as German exhibitions", so that exhibitors can enjoy international services without going abroad. It has won unanimous recognition and praise

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