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The new favorite of beverage packaging - multicolor printed glass bottles

the packaging of products first gives consumers a visual impact, and the exquisite packaging is easy to trigger a desire to buy. Among many packaging methods, glass bottle packaging is one of them

glass bottle packaging can be initial packaging, final packaging, or both. The glass bottle has the characteristics of high transparency, good sealing, recyclable and reusable, low price and stable chemical performance. It will not pollute its contents, and it is an environmental protection product

printing patterns or logos on glass bottles is called printed glass bottles. Printed glass bottles improve the packaging grade. At first, it was monochrome printing, and later developed into tricolor printing. Nowadays, six and eight color printing technology has been skillfully applied. A kind of beverage packaging, in which a is a size new favorite composed of mold parts, came into being, which is multi-color printed glass bottle

multicolor printing glass bottle adopts a kind of glass glaze that is softened into ink like liquid at a certain temperature, printed on the surface of the bottle by a plate printing machine (i.e. printing machine), and baked at a high temperature of more than 600 degrees, so that the glaze is integrated with the glass bottle that affects the mechanical measurement of the pressure testing machine. The pattern is acid-resistant, alkali resistant, non decolorizing, non fading, and anti scouring. There are up to eight color combinations of patterns for you to choose from

Yantai Zhongcui Packaging Co., Ltd. (the former Yantai glass factory) is famous for producing three color printing glass bottles. Now, the company takes the lead in introducing Italian rb-416 six color and eight color printing machines. On the basis of retaining the original two three color printing bottle production lines, it forms the production capacity of multi-color printing vases, broadens the product coverage, especially in the packaging of wine, and meets the needs of a variety of color combination patterns

when drinks such as "bright, cool and refreshing" and "Coca Cola forever" are presented in front of us, the container is the three color printed glass bottle. Maybe one day soon, the glass bottle containing dry red and dry white wine is the multi-color printed glass bottle; Perhaps the "jade bowl" with "jade bowl filled with amber light" has also become a multi-color printing glass bottle...

whether it is internationally renowned soft drinks, wine packaging, or domestic manufacturers leading the packaging trend, they are looking for a new way to package glass bottles. When three-color printing glass bottles are popular in the market, a new multi-color printing glass bottle is slowly coming

(excerpted from China Packaging News) Wan Ge

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