The hottest new EU regulations on wooden packaging

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According to the information provided by VFI, the EU's new regulations on the wooden packaging of locking screw loose material under the screw cap of ball screw for Inbound Goods (2004/102/eg) came into effect on March 1, All wooden packages of goods imported from third countries outside the European Union (excluding Switzerland) must be treated in accordance with the "standards for the management of wooden packaging materials in international trade" published by the International Plant Protection Convention Organization (IPPC), and be affixed with special marks specified by IPPC. The new regulations apply to all broad-leaved and coniferous logs used to carry, package and support goods, excluding plywood and sawdust compression boards. Packaging wood needs to be peeled and treated with high temperature (HT) or methyl bromide (MB). New or repaired wooden packages must be marked with IPPC from March 1st, 2005. In 2005, the following details are introduced in detail: the width of cracks in wooden packages manufactured and repaired before February 28 is measured with a reading microscope with a magnification of at least 40 times (division value is 0.01mm). During the transition period before December 31, 2007, it is not necessary to apply IPPC logo, but it is necessary to apply ISO code, enterprise registration number, pest control treatment method logo (HT or MB) and peeling abbreviation (DB). For wood packaging that does not comply with EU regulations, the EU will take measures such as pest control, destruction or refusal of entry at the port of entry

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