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The EU's new directive will impact the export of Ningbo plastic tableware

the EU recently issued a new directive: it will start to tighten the entry supervision measures for kitchenware made of polyamide and melamine plastic from or shipped to our country in the next five years, which will have an impact on the export of plastic tableware exported to Europe of more than 50million US dollars. The inspection and Quarantine Department reminded the majority of enterprises in our city to pay attention to this

suggestions of the inspection and quarantine department: first, actively respond to the targeted act of the European Union, effectively improve product quality, and strengthen the inspection of sensitive raw and auxiliary materials such as melamine and nylon by formulating strict raw and auxiliary material purchase inspection and finished product inspection systems, so as to ensure the quality and safety of products from the source. The second is to strengthen direct communication with customers, grasp the dynamics of foreign laws and regulations, prepare the qualification reports and documents of relevant export products in time, and strengthen the incoming inspection and finished product inspection of various raw materials that may pose risks for the straightness of hangers and suspenders. The third is to constantly improve internal management. Through the gradual implementation of iso91 in Yichuan electric power group 001 and other quality management systems in Henan Province, we will continue to improve the construction of good production practices, fundamentally improve the product quality assurance ability to cope with the increasingly stringent foreign technical barriers to trade, and realize the long-term development of enterprises

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