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Pei Xiaoling: waiting for the art of glass oil painting for more than 30 years

an old wooden table, several very fine brushes, several tubes of oil paint, a piece of polished glass Peixiaoling, 54, is painting glass oil paintings. In her world, time seems to have solidified, only the tip of the pen is dancing

what is glass oil painting? Many people may not have heard of it. In the early Qing Dynasty, glass oil paintings were introduced into China from the west, but most of them were spread in the hands of the court and royal relatives. Court painters used oil paintings to express the imperial court life and personal artistic conception. Later, this kind of glass oil painting spread from the court to the people. Now, hundreds of years later, due to the difficult technology and narrow market of glass oil painting, it is almost lost. At present, in Wen'an County, Langfang City, only the Pei family can represent the achievements of glass oil painting technology. Among them, peixiaoling inherited the mantle of her ancestors and became the only inheritor

Pei Xiaoling found her home in a corner of Beixinzhuang village, shigezhuang Town, Wen'an County, holding a framed glass oil painting. Walking through the neat courtyard and entering the main room, I saw a lot of glass oil paintings and traditional Chinese paintings on the walls of the living room, and a lot of potted plants on the ground. At this time, the sun shines, and the fragrance of ink and flowers fills the whole room, making it impossible to distinguish between the painting and reality. Pei Xiaoling said that among the paintings hanging on the wall, there are those painted by her father, whose price fell by 10 yuan/ton in Shandong and Tianjin, those painted by her two younger brothers, and those painted by herself

Pei Xiaoling wears simple clothes and looks dignified, revealing a calm and elegant temperament all over her. This temperament is brought to her by glass oil painting. In 1979, Pei Jingchun, Pei Xiaoling's father, suddenly received a notice from the production team to study and study glass oil paintings for export. At that time, Pei Jingchun was a little famous art lover in the town. He finished his work in the production team during the day. At night, when he returned home, he lit a kerosene lamp, including stars, starlight, starlight, stars, stars and so on, and painted on the oilcloth. In Pei Xiaoling's impression, her father is almost obsessed with painting. "He likes to study traditional Chinese painting and has received the guidance of Wang Jingru, a famous painter in Wen'an. It can be said that as long as his father has time, he will pick up the paintbrush. In the cold winter, he casually adds a few sticks to the brazier to keep warm, and then draws in the middle of the night. In his later years, he became a little famous painter in Wen'an County, known as one of Wen'an's' top ten cultural celebrities'." Peixiaoling said

peixiaoling is the only daughter in the family. She has one brother and two younger brothers. Under the influence of Pei Jingchun, four children loved painting since childhood. In his spare time, Pei Jingchun would also hold the children's hands and teach them to draw

there is a difference between traditional Chinese painting and oil painting in terms of light and high-strength foam products, and painting on paper is also very different from painting on glass. Peixiaoling introduced that glass oil painting can also be called "backhand painting" and "multi-layer glass oil painting". As the name suggests, backhand painting is to paint on the back of glass. When painting, it should be completely backhand. Multilayer glass oil painting needs to use the covering ability of oil painting to paint at multiple levels

in 1982, the Pei family opened a "Pei's painting workshop" at home. Peijingchun continued to recruit students and workers, and took on the role of sales. At the beginning, in the village workshop, in order to put into production as soon as possible and improve production, the workers adopted the assembly line method, and each group was responsible for one step. Therefore, many workers did not draw complete glass oil paintings. When peixiaoling was a line drawing worker, she learned to draw lines while observing the drawing steps of other workers. Soon, with her talent and the day after tomorrow's hard work, she drew the finished product independently. "When my father saw my painting, he smiled and nodded at me. I was very proud at that time." Peixiaoling said with a smile

speaking of the art of glass oil painting, Pei Xiaoling talked endlessly and guided her to watch her work "Spring Autumn Thoughts", which was created according to Jia Yingchun in a dream of Red Mansions, one of the four famous works. Looking at this work closely, it is really amazing. The characters are lifelike, with dynamic postures, thoughts between eyebrows and eyes, and ancient colors

In 1985, after Pei Xiaoling married, she still worked in her mother's painting workshop. In 1988, she was awarded the title of assistant craft artist by the township enterprise bureau of Langfang District, Hebei Province

as Pei Jingchun grew older, it became more and more difficult to paint glass oil paintings, and he continued to pick up his favorite traditional Chinese painting. "Later, there was basically no market for glass oil paintings. Our paintings were time-consuming and laborious. They were sold cheaply, which could not meet the food and clothing requirements. They were expensive, and few people bought them at all." Pei Xiaoling said that she once gave up painting glass oil paintings and learned traditional Chinese painting from her father to make a living

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