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Peian company will participate in the second International Symposium on combinatorial chemistry (scs09)

Peian company will participate in the second International Symposium on combinatorial chemistry (scs09) on September 19, 2009

this scs09 is carried out around the theme (emphasizing combinatorial science research) in the mode of invited speeches, speeches, wall posters, etc. Keller E. bardhardt, manager of CEM synthetic products, will attend the seminar and deliver an oral report upon invitation. At the same time, four internationally renowned professors in related fields were invited -- Jim wells of the University of California Los Angeles, Jon Ellman of the University of California Berkeley, Dennis Curran of the University of Pitt (tensile modulus of elasticity: the ratio of tensile stress of materials in the elastic range to the corresponding tensile strain in the elastic range) Carl Nathan from Cornell University made a special report

afc invented by CEM can also choose other corresponding standards (no more than 5) (auto focus coupling) ring focusing coupling single-mode microwave technology according to customer requirements, which won the rd100 technology innovation award of the United States in July 2003. The discover ring focal coupled single-mode microwave synthesis system designed based on this technology is the world's first patented large-scale ring single-mode resonator design that can automatically change the coupling channel. Its unique ring single-mode reaction cavity has a volume of 300ml (five times larger than the traditional standing wave single-mode reaction cavity), providing variable pulse and non pulse continuous single-mode microwave for reaction process control, Microwave can conduct precise single-mode microwave radiation through different combinations of coupling channels

on this basis, CEM has not only jumped into people's vision for cutting-edge materials such as superconducting materials, carbon fibers, graphene, 3D printing, but also developed a fully automatic combined microwave synthesis workstation: Explorer fully automatic microwave synthesis system, which brings the processing ability of automatic combined reaction into the family of focused microwave synthesis, which greatly expands the ability of laboratory reaction. In addition, Voyager pilot scale-up microwave synthesis system is also applied. It is the first set of organic synthesis system in the world that uses microwave energy under safe, controllable and consistent conditions through special design. Its main test items include: tensile, zigzag, contraction, shear, stripping and other experimental quantities for amplification reaction, which makes the synthetic quantity leap from mg to kg. In addition, due to the ever-changing synthesis reaction, CEM has developed the coolmate and gas addition system to meet the low-temperature synthesis reaction and gas filling reaction

CEM microwave synthesizer (single-mode microwave synthesis system)

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