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Pearl River media printing has achieved "source control" of pollution

nearly half of volatile organic pollutants (VOCs) have been comprehensively remedied in Chancheng, Foshan, Guangdong Province, but if it is simply to seek cheap prices for years. According to the environmental protection department of Chancheng District, a number of enterprises have carried out relevant governance, among which Zhujiang media Printing Co., Ltd. has taken the initiative to use environmental friendly ink to achieve source governance

Yan Cong, chief of the pollution prevention and control section of Chancheng District Environmental Protection and Urban Administration Bureau, said that the main sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) include (8) cleaning effect, vehicle exhaust emissions, and emissions from petrochemical, shoe-making, printing, paint spraying and other industrial production workshops. The odor is fetid, toxic, teratogenic and carcinogenic

vocs emission control is the focus of provincial and municipal environmental protection work. Last November, Chancheng comprehensively launched VOCs emission control. Yan Cong said that most enterprises implement terminal treatment, that is, VOCs produced in the production process are collected and then treated by absorption, adsorption, condensation, combustion and other methods, and then discharged after reaching the standard. In contrast, Foshan Zhujiang media Printing Co., Ltd. chose another governance path

in that factory, even if the ink bucket is placed next to it, there is no peculiar smell, while other factories smell a strong peculiar smell before entering the door. Fengrunlin, an environmental protection worker in Chancheng District, said that Zhujiang media Printing Co., Ltd. uses environmentally friendly inks in production. Compared with ordinary petroleum inks, the emission of VOCs is low and can meet the standard without special treatment

Li Ruizhen, general manager of Zhujiang media Printing Co., Ltd., said that the company's business is mainly to print newspapers. The ink used is environment-friendly ink, without volatile smell, and imported equipment is used. The printing process is physical embossing of paper and ink, and the process will not produce chemical reaction and volatile smell. this "In addition to the meager profits in the plastic bag industry, all kinds of waste liquid, waste paper, plates and other waste materials produced by the company in the printing process are recycled by qualified enterprises through public bidding, and institutions with national accreditation will be invited from time to time every year to test exhaust gas, noise and other indicators. According to the test results, all indicators meet the national standards.

Yan Cong said that unlike most enterprises, Zhujiang media Printing Co., Ltd The governance of the company can be described as source governance, just like decoration. Environmental protection materials are selected from the beginning, so there will be no pollution. In fact, once pollution occurs, these will cause errors in the test results. How to deal with the end, it is inevitable to eliminate 100%

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